Monday, June 26, 2006

Let There Be Yarn.....(of sorts.....)

I have been fascinated with drop spindle spinning since we visited Adams Farm in Vermont a few years ago. We were poking around the gift shop (of course), and there was a saleswoman who was spinning yarn on a drop spindle as she chatted with customers and rang up sales. I was completely and totally mesmerized!

I ordered a spindle and roving and some books from The Mannings last year and tried to teach myself. This is my preferred (but not often effective) way of learning. I kind of sort of got it, but wasn't quite sure what I was doing. So when I saw an ad for a drop spindle workshop at a LYS (not TW) recently I jumped at it. The workshop was okay (too many people, not enough space, no handouts or anything), but I got enough confidence to see that I was on the right track. Here is my splendidly lumpsome first effort.
The navy strand is what I spun in class; the purple is some roving I had lying around the house (yes, I have roving lying around my house, don't you?) So that would be great if I were into knitting everything at 1 stitch to the inch, but I kind of like yarn to be less thick than my arm. So I kept trying..... Tomorrow, the spinning continues.....


Blogger purlewe said...

WAHOO!! spinning!! and kitty pics. :)

Would love to see you down at a fiber night some time.. we have lots of people who love to help with fiber addictions :)

2:14 PM  

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