Friday, June 30, 2006

My Dreamy Sleepover

Last night I had a sleepover with my mom. My sister was in California and my dad was in Seattle, so Mom was by herself (with the two crazy cats and Owain the corgi). So I stayed over to keep her company.

My sentimental and loving husband and son practically pushed me out the door and started the car for me, so they could get down to their pizza and "Simpsons" and the Red Sox game. But that was okay - this is what Mom and I had for dinner:

straight out of the container!

We watched a girly movie:

I started a new project!

which is this

I left my Lincoln biography at home and read, yes, "Us" magazine...

(Can I just tell you that "Us" magazine makes "People" seem like "The New Yorker" in comparison? It was like a giant Milky Way bar - insanely delicious and not a nutritional calorie in sight - I learned about the three guys that are driving Lindsay Lohan to throw fits; how to pose most effectively in a bikini; all about Britney's troubled marriage and Keith and Nic and TomKat and Suri and Angelina and Brad and Shiloh - I'm all up to date on my Hollywood gossip - go ahead, ask me anything!)

I have another sleepover tonight, but I think we're having steaks, we're watching "A Room With A View" and I'll be reading that weighty tome, "People" magazine, for my evening reading. Sleepovers rule!


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