Monday, July 31, 2006

Consumed with curiosity, I knit up a swatch of the icky orange-y Palette so that I could subject it to my tea-dyeing experiment. Here it is, pre-tea:

I gave it a luxurious Lipton bath:

Let it sunbathe for a few hours to dry:

And here it is, post-tea. Doesn't it look so much more brown and rich in color?

No, you say? It looks exactly the same, you say? That's because it is!! It's actually lighter in real life.

What magical property have I stumbled on to here? Why is it if you spill water diluted with the shmeensiest bit of apple juice on something it is irrevocably and irretrievably ruined forever and ever, but I dunk this ding-dang swatch in industrial strength tea for 20 minutes and nothing happens??!!!

Well, I'm continuing with the shawl and will mull over what to do in the meantime. I finished the required 14 repeats of the main body pattern and am still on the first ball of yarn, so I'm definitely going to do some more repeats. I'm pretty sure that will be okay. Her other shawls (other than the Landscape Shawl), like the Flower Basket and Shetland Triangle, come out small as written - more like little neck-shawls, and I've added repeats of the main pattern without incident to make them bigger. I like a big drapey thing to fling about my person in a good artsy-fartsy way. So I'm going to do 3 or 4 more repeats. And I'm sure nothing bad will happen, like the edging won't fit or something.....

In other, sad, news:
Bye Bobby,

Bye Cory,

Ummm, you may be HOT, but why are you still here?


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

So comcast must be yanking your chain about being offline for a week.

Here's a little excerpt of your blog courtesy of The Dialectizer (Lop some boogie!):

Goodwin be a great scribbler (and some diehard Red Sox fan, yo); she real rolls crib how Abraham Lincoln always always saw de big picture and neva' let petty sucka'al doodads dig in de way uh big decisions.

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