Thursday, July 13, 2006

If you were wondering, no, I still have not started the sleeves on the little cardigan (I have serious SAI - Sleeve Avoidancy Issues), and yes, I started a new project. Here it is:

Isn't it beautiful? You say, no, Diana, it looks like a brown blob? Well, you are correct - it is indeed a brown blob, but soon it will be another Body-Hugging Flat Purse. I loved that last one so much I want to do another one.

I want to needle-felt an embellishment on it too, and have spent much time speculating on what it would be. I didn't want to do another abstract design, but am a little artistically-challenged and had to think of something not too difficult. I wanted to do something from nature, like a robin (no - too hard) or a tree (no - too time-consuming) or leaves (yes! but what kind would be pretty enough?) Here is what I decided: Ginkgo leaves.

Are those not dementedly gorgeous? Yep. I love a ginkgo leaf. Very William Morris-y. Of course, choosing to do a ginkgo leaf and successfully executing said leaf are two different matters. I don't know how reversible needle-felting is [I have a feeling it is rather un-reversible], so I'm kind of taking a risk here, but we'll see.


Blogger Alliesw said...

Amazing what a pretty thing a "brown blob" can become! Pretty blog, too!

7:17 PM  
Blogger diana said...

The Blob is getting bigger! Cross your fingers about the gingko leaves...

9:26 AM  

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