Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm Cuckoo for Zinnias!! (Or am I just cuckoo?)

Since all the crazy weather we've had in these parts lately seems to have calmed down, I decided it was time to go back outside and take a stroll in the backyard this morning. I was drawn to the zinnia bed and once again my mind was blown. Look at the color on this little gem...Magenta? Raspberry? Mere words do not do it justice:

Okay, look at this one!

Look at these three - a little more muted than their comrades, but still gorgeous:

And now, my absolute favorite. Is this not the trippiest most coolo mcgoolo little flower you've ever seen? It's like a cartoon flower, it's so perfect!! (Please ignore my foot):

Okay, no more zinnias after this for a while, I promise. I was just overcome at how pretty they were this morning. I finished a sleeve on the little sweater, here:

That's all from chez Momogus for now. Gus came through his dental "ordeal" with flying colors and four fewer teeth. Apparently it was quick and nearly painless. He came home and had two giant chocolate milkshakes and watched cartoons for two hours straight. Life is good.


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