Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's Ebert and Diana time!

Speaking of girly movies, I just watched "Out of Africa" this afternoon and was blown away. I saw this at the movies when it first came out and was very dismissive of it, I think perhaps because I don't like Robert Redford and thought of the dozens of better Denys Finch-Hattons there were in Hollywood (I mean, Redford didn't make the least effort to sound English, and Meryl [I call her Meryl 'cause I love her so] had her perfect Danish accent going on! End of rant.) But Meryl Streep - she is a goddess. Towards the end of the movie, I was sitting alone in the living room with tears streaming down my face. I mean, I knew what was coming, but still. Why was this movie so good 15 years later when I didn't give it a second thought the first time I saw it??

Had a little road trip down the shore yesterday to visit Matthew's family and yes, road trip means knitting time! Here's where I am in the teeny cardigan, which is this:

(That button band is a little wonkier than I feel comfortable with, but I'm sure a little blocking will take care of that....)

And I bit the bullet at work and bought an extra skein of the blue Lamb's Pride to finish my Smart Summer Knitting Project:

There wasn't any charcoal grey, so I've commited to all-blue handles, which I can live with. I then plan to take a stab [WA HA HA - HI-larious needle-felting pun!] at needle-felting some fabulous abstract design on it with the punkin-y orange roving. I've never tried needle-felting and of course I like to be self-taught, so there may be puncture wounds and blood and emergency ward visits, but hey, there is a chance I won't stab myself with the tiny barbed needles, and everything will be peachy! Stay tuned....


Blogger Marfa's Mewsings said...

Divine One,
Ah, the movie "Out of Africa" is an all time fav of mine.
Just that beginning line, "I had a farm in Africa." & it's teary me, boo-hooing for quite a long time.
We'll have to discuss this sometime - in spite of an un-accent performance, I remember liking Redford. If the movie were made years later, I could see Ralph Finennes (sp?) in it instead.
Have you read the book? Oh my, it's so fabulously written.
And Meryl is a goddess - a friend used to say that Meryl could read the phone book & she, my friend, would buy a ticket just to hear her.

8:40 PM  

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