Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Not too much to report here, chez Momogus, and no pictures, alas. I finished the collar of the little pink and green sweater - now must proceed to the sleeves. For the record, I loathe knitting sleeves. I did find that knitting them both at the same time is really really good. I did this for the first time on the boy's blue-and-white sweater, just for kicks. I usually don't like working with two balls of yarn at the same time, but finishing both sleeves at the same time rocked!!

Went to see local fireworks display yesterday. We were a little more casual about it than we should have been, out of ignorance (we will be much better prepared next year; I am already preparing the proper battle plan...), but we lucked out and got good seats on the lawn (!) of Burger King. Gus declared that it was "the best fireworks I ever saw!!!!!!!", which was as it should be, since it was the first time he had ever seen fireworks.

And they were the best fireworks that I ever saw too, because of him.


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