Sunday, July 30, 2006

Okay, first some book stuff. As I mentioned yesterday, I finished "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This book won the Pulitzer Prize, and it surely gets my vote too. Goodwin is a great writer (and a diehard Red Sox fan, yo); she really drives home how Abraham Lincoln always always saw the big picture and never let petty personal things get in the way of big decisions. The Team of Rivals were the members of his cabinet, who were all political rivals of his before his election. They came to love him and even when some turned on him, he never took offense. Man, if our current political figures could show even a smidgeon of his non-vindictiveness, what a world it could be.

Hrmph. Anyway, now I have two choices for my next book: Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code" (yes, Diana-the-Late-Bandwagon-Jumper, that's me) or "Out of Africa" by Isak Dinesen. I like to alternate heavy book/light book and bought both of these to read on vacation in August, but the truth is I never have time to read on vacation anyway, so I thought I'd start one of them now. I want to find out what all the kerfluffle is about TDVC, and I was so moved by OOA the movie recently that I wanted to read the book. Which should I read first??

Here's a progress shot of the Swallowtail:

I've finished 9 repeats of 14 for the main pattern. I'm thinking that this is where I could make it a little bigger, but the pattern doesn't say so, and it usually does. I'm going to try it anyway because if the edging fits 14 repeats why wouldn't it fit 15 or 16? I definitely do not like the color of this yarn; it's way too orange-y and not beautifully brown enough. Could I dye the shawl with tea when I'm done? I wonder if it would be enough to offset the offensive orangeyness. I'm fascinated by the idea of dyeing with tea, but have never tried it. Hey, guess what? I have like 10 balls of the stuff - I could knit a test swatch and try it first!! Okay, genius!! DUH.

Gus and I went to pick up dinner at our local fried-food emporium last night. The girls behind the counter recognized Gus, asked him who his favorite player on the Phillies was (he said, "Chase Utley") and then one girl said, "My favorite is Pat Burrell." The other girl said, "Oh, yeah, me too." And then, without prompting, they both chimed, "HE'S HOT!!" Wa ha! So while we were watching the game, every time Burrell came up, I'd say, "HE'S HOT!" until Matthew asked me to stop. Oh, Burrell - trading deadline is tomorrow - how I hope you are happily ensconced in the American League by then.


Blogger DMJ said...

FAT CHANCE!!! Even though it would be for the best for Burrell, as well as the Phillies. Nobody wants that big fat contract that comes with Pat. (Thanks, Ed Wade.)

10:37 AM  
Blogger diana said...

Yeah, you're right - can you say "wishful thinking"???

3:55 PM  

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