Friday, July 28, 2006

Thoughts for Buffets

Wa ha! Just reading that title makes me laugh out loud. Anyway, may I just say that I LOVE this little book?! It's an incredible treasure trove. Cookbook publishers of today should be ashamed - with their one recipe every other page - this book has at least 4 to 6 recipes on every page. And it's 400 pages long! There are enough recipes here to last you a lifetime.

Some evoke bygone and better days:

Chicken Hash Pump Room
Sportsman's Appetizer
Frogs' Legs Financier
Braised Celery George Rector [I don't actually know who George Rector is or was, but c'mon, he had a whole recipe named after him. I like to think he was a dashing riverboat gambler with a daring taste for cooked vegetables]

Some are scary or make me really uneasy:

Gambler's Eggs
Woodchuck and Chinese Noodles
Senate Salad [insert political joke of choice here]
Gourmet Prunes
Ham Upside Down Cake
Harvey Roast
Minced Tongue Finger Sandwich
Boiled Fresh Tongue
Boiled Pickled Tongue
Boiled Smoked Tongue
Fresh Tongue in Wine Sauce
Blackberry Tongue
I don't know what the fascination was with Tongue. Brace yourself for the opening instructions.....: "Remove root end and skin of tongue" AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Then there are those that I totally approve of:
Bacon Crackers
Eggnog Pretzel Pie
Puffy French Toast
Chocolate Marshmallow Souffle

And for the busy hostess, who didn't have time to make dessert:
Apple Pie Mirage

Here's my favorite instruction, for "Fruit Aflame (garnish for turkey)": "Place turkey on a bed of crisp parsley. Drain fruit thoroughly. Place pineapple slices around the turkey, and on each slice place a half peach, hollow side up. Just before serving, dip sugar cubes in lemon extract and place in hollow of each peach. Ignite and bring the turkey to the table in flaming splendor."

Flaming splendor, indeed. Okay, so I'm gently mocking this good little book. What I didn't mention were the dozens and dozens of not-so-glamourous recipes for more prosaic dishes. It must have been a lifesaver for the 50's Hostess with the Mostest. This book did the job!!

Tomorrow, back to knitting content.

Major League Baseball Trading Deadline is 3 days away and counting. I'm just saying......


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

Whoa! Tummy Trouble! Wa ha ha ha!!!

I was thinking that if we go out drinking we have fresh tongue in wine sauce!!! Bwa ha ha ha!! (although I usually have fresh tongue in vodka sauce!)

Ok, enough of that. I should have told J that I made for her Petits-Fours Mirage!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Marfa's Mewsings said...

The Divine One,
Is there anything that says you have to cook the turkey before you surround it w/ fruit & set it afire?
Did the author think that the flames would cook it ^..^
Maybe George accidentally set a turkey on fire one time & wa la, the recipe is named after him.

6:57 PM  
Blogger diana said...

I googled "George Rector" out of curiosity and found one who had appeared as "Himself" in a 1937 Mae West movie.

Also this link:

Maybe he was a food critic or something....

10:43 AM  

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