Thursday, July 27, 2006

Trifecta of Doom

I believe there is some unwritten rule of blogdom that there are several things that will doom your blog to the land of bloggy badness.

1) Unbearably cute (to the blogger) pictures of cats doing adorable things:

Check! (Silly in a library book bag)

3) Unbearably boring "progress" shots of work that's not really progressing:

Check! (grey adult pullover in all stockinette...)

3) Unbearably cute pictures of offspring: (I originally had inserted "to the blogger" after pictures, but c'mon! That kid is just empirically adorable.)

I can't find the perfect unbearably cute picture of Gus right now, so I'll spare you that. The grey blobby thing is a sample adult pullover for here. It's not exactly exciting, but it's a good comforting knit. I leave it all over the house and can pick it up and knit a row or two at any time. I don't have to do any thinking for another 7".

Here's what I did last night:

I sat here, equipped you will see with appropriate beverage, industrial-size citronella candle to keep away the huge drunken mosquitoes that inhabit our backyard, bug spray and sock-in-progress:

I watched this fellow pitch:

Here's a close-up of some of my new favorite things:

The socks are for Gus, who's wild about big cats right now. They're the new iteration of Opal Tiger. Please note that, even though I am the least obsessive person about making self-patterning socks match, they are weirdly and eerily perfectly matched. Spoooky!

The two books are "Joy of Spinning" and "Thoughts for Buffets". JOS is a library book, beautifully written and extremely interesting. The nice thing about spinning books is that, unless they were written in the 13th century, they are never dated. TFB I bought at the library book cellar. I could not resist its siren call for $1. Perhaps I will dip [wa ha - buffet joke!!] into it more tomorrow. It is chock-full of great stuff.

End Note: Sister Laura has informed me that, in her opinion, "Saved By The Bell" is not so bad that it will burn out your retinas.


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I believe that I said SBTB was "horrible yet strangely compelling." I stand by that.

8:37 AM  
Blogger diana said...

So noted....SBTB LOVER!!!

9:07 AM  

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