Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As you might have noticed, I spend a lot of time gazing out my back door. This morning I was on the phone making a doctor's appointment when I saw this:

[oops - after I wrote this and downloaded the bird picture, I realized it was comically horrible and blurry. I give you instead, James, the next-door neighbor, doing his Creepy-Upside-Down-Guy trick, which makes me howl with laughter. See the "eyes" on his neck? Get it? Get it?]

There were NINE finches, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, a woodpecker and two mourning doves on the feeder. What is going on in my backyard these days??? I actually forgot what I was saying to the doctor I was so startled. It's kind of like a scene from "The Birds", but in a good benign (I hope!) finch-y way.

In knitting news, I unbound-off the KP&S cardigan edge, unraveled out the offending STRIPE, put the stitches back on the needles and knit it again. Here it is in all its un-STRIPEY glory:

I have to weave in the myriad ends and then proceed to the neckband and button bands. I'm not quite sure how to proceed. I don't want it to have the same deep ribbing as the cuffs and hem, but am not quite sure what I do want. I shall ponder that for a while.

Why do I keep finding pictures of Pat Burrell gazing at me in a sultry fashion?

Oops - did I say "gazing at me"? I meant, uh, just gazing.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hubba hubba, that's why!!!! :D

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