Saturday, August 05, 2006

Koigu and Fauna

I finished the Koigu socks of flaming splendor today:

Since I don't much fancy wearing wool socks when it's 95 degrees out, I shall fold these away in my sock drawer where they will languish, forgotten, until mid-November when I first open my sock drawer and say, "HEY! Look at these!!" and happily don them.

This morning I arose at an ungodly hour and decided to have some soothing coffee on my back steps and enjoy the cooler morning. I was enjoying the quiet when I happened to glance up at one of the trees in our back yard and saw this:

I actually had a classic sitcom moment where I did a double-take, removed my glasses and cleaned them. WA HA.

Mr. Magoo-like, I thought maybe that it was just a knot in the tree. Then I got closer and saw this:

Yes, we have raccoons in the trees. Made me uneasy. Matthew's father says seeing a raccoon in the daytime is no good. This one behaved itself, but I do not like the idea of them looming over us in the trees. Matthew and Gus looked them up on the internet and found out that raccoons have so much manual dexterity that they can turn doorknobs, which made Gus get up and lock the doors.

Just as we were recovering from the shock of raccoons in the trees, I looked out the back window and saw this:

Apparently this pure white dove visited the yard yesterday while Matthew and Gus were out playing baseball. It was quite unfazed by them, rejecting the bread crumbs offered, but accepting a handful of safflower seeds. And then it came back this morning. It has a legband. I can only imagine where it came from, but it moved me to see it.


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