Thursday, August 10, 2006

With all the doves and raccoons and Hottie McHothots around here lately, I thought perhaps I was neglecting to document what's going on with me knitting-wise these days.

I tried to jazz up this progress shot, but instead hit the Trifecta of Doom again - cats and boring-looking projects (and some other bad thing I can't remember):

This is the Knitting Pure and Simple V-Neck Pullover that was a Knit-Along at the Tangled Web last summer. I knit along very enthusiastically while the Knit-Alongs were in progress, but then I put it down. The yarn is Tatamy Tweed, which I bought at Kraemer Textiles last summer while up in the Poconos. It's a great yarn and I really wanted a big baggy brown sweater to replace one I have that's disintegrating, but it is pretty boring to knit. I went all wacko and did one sleeve and then started the torso. Round and round and round I go.....

I'm cursed with loving the look of sweaters with miles and miles of plain stockinette, but not loving the actual knitting itself. Oh well, the mindlessness of it is very soothing right now.

Those who know me know I'm a true sock-knitting lover, and for my not-so-wee son I like to knit dk weight socks. In scavenging around the internet (only because there was none to be had at TW - support your LYS!!!), I found that Knitpicks had their dk weight sock yarn on sale for like a penny, so I grabbed that. And then I saw that Elann had Fortissima dk weight sock yarn on sale for cheap, so I grabbed some of that too, and then purchased some Encore DK from The Tangled Web for heels and toes. Now I shall proceed to knit dk weight socks for that boy until the cows come home.

Here's his first choice (I thought he'd pick the blue option, but he picked the one I would have chosen for myself - what good taste he has!):

The TW got Balene needles in recently, and I thought I'd take these out for a spin, magic-loop-wise. I've been using Crystal Palace 26" for magic loop lately, but I'm intrigued by the Balene.

No Phillies news, except that they won yesterday, stinkin' dreamy Burrell hit a home run, and they are 2 games out of the wild card lead. How can this be? New Phillies rule!!


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