Saturday, September 02, 2006

Did I say there was going to be spinning? Well, I had good intentions, but other things got in the way. First there was the Insect-Themed birthday party that Gus attended today. Here is the cake (courtesy of Aunt Laura!), a truly and excellently repulsive scorpion:

Here is the contemplative caterpillar:

(this was actually the only moment that he was not moving and pointing out the gross gigantic cockroaches and spiders to his normally-unsqueamish mother, who was silently yearning for a Cinderella-theme party)

Then of course, I had to check my backyard (the M.M.N.N.P. - see 8/27 entry), and lo and behold, there were two more things I had never before seen in my backyard!! Here they are:

One, in the center of the picture, is a quite large rabbit. The other, courtesy of passing Hurricane Ernesto, is the neighbor's pool, which must have made a spectacular swoosh into our yard in the middle of the night!

Finally, I finished the KP&S Classic Cardigan. Here it is, sans buttons. Buttons are of course the most important feature of a cardigan, and I just don't have exactly the right ones. So I shall wait until the most perfectly perfect ones cross my path, and then sew them on.

I'm going to spin tonight. Promise.


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mmm, buttery AND buggy!

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