Saturday, September 16, 2006

Knitting news below! But first, I need to chime in on some of the pressing pop culture issues of the day, most celebrity-baby-related.

1. I received the latest "Vanity Fair" with the pictures of baby Suri. Please know that I think Tom Cruise has some seriously misguided notions and I hated how he talked about Brooke Shields, but I thought the pictures of baby Suri were wonderful. She's beautiful, and her parents looked at her like she was the sun. They made me happy.

2. Britney Spears's new son is named Sutton Pierce. I have to say that I think that is just a gorgeous name for a boy. Props to you, Mrs. F.

3. Siskel and Momogus Movie Report: I watched "Match Point" (with Scarlett Johansen and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, directed by Woody Allen) the other day. May I just say I believe that this is the most depressing movie ever made?! It made "Sideways" seem like "Animal House". Jonathan Rhys Meyers was delicious, just like in "Bend It Like Beckham" (one of the most joyous movies ever made, btw) but good lord was that movie a downer. I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards.

Thank you to all who responded to the Oreo Consumption Technique Debate. While many of you concurred with my technique, there were many who didn't. It was a stimulating intellectual exercise - just the sort of thing we feature here at TMM!

I finished one of the Orca Mittens. Picking up the stitches around the cuff was so mindless (the first thing in these mittens that's been easy!!!) I almost cried. Friend Francesca pointed out that a 38-stitch Kitchener run is nowhere near as horrible as it could be, which is true, but it was still a nerve-wracking 10 minutes of my life.

Here is a picture of Gus wearing the Orca Mitten (hilariously slack-jawed expression due to the pernicious influence of Saturday morning cartoons):

I also got tired of knitting the body of the BCP, so I started the sleeves. I have about 3" more of the body to do before I split for the front and back. I loathe knitting sleeves with a passion that knows no bounds, so I try to knit them first or at least get them done before the body is done. And though I also dislike working with two balls of yarn at the same time (smacks of intarsia), getting both sleeves done at once is worth it. Progress shot:

Phillies won last night and the Padres lost, so the Phillies are now 1.5 games out of the wild card lead. This guy hit a grand slam:



Blogger DMJ said...

If the Phillies couldn't lose that game in the ninth inning last night, giving up two errors and an infield hit with just a one-run lead and surviving - then they must be destined to take the NL wild card, the National League playoffs, and the World Series. Charlie Manuel's Team of Destiny!!

6:07 PM  
Blogger CurlyGirl said...

What is the stat for how many times this season Pat Burrell came up with the bases loaded and didn't come through? I say, "ITS ABOUT TIME!"

The cartoon coma photo is hilarious!

6:10 PM  
Blogger DMJ said...

So Roger Clemens was as astounded as everyone else in the ballpark (and watching on TV) when Pat didn't jump back from that 3-and-2 pitch as it sailed across the middle of the plate. Maybe better things are ahead (although today Pat was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts).
It's good that the Mighty Momogus keeps us up to date on Pat the Bat.

8:52 PM  
Blogger diana said...

"Daily News Live" did a segment the other day, set to music, where they ran clips of Pat jumping out of the way backwards on MANY MANY PITCHES. Matthew said it was hilarious.

7:15 AM  

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