Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day, schmabor day!

No time off for this knitter/spinner - I'm spending Labor Day laboring!

Here's what I finished yesterday:

Yep, both are done. These are for a friend who's taken good care of me this stupid-awful year. But believe you me, there's a pair for me in the works! I heartily recommend this pattern - each mitten, even with all the crazy flaps and fingers, only took a day or two to knit. And it's fun knitting!! Well, it was for me; your mileage may vary.

Anyway, I vowed to spin again this weekend. And so I did. And it was a good thing I decided to practice a little before I taught my victims - oops, I mean, students! I had kind of, sort of, shall we say, forgotten, what to do. The ensuing yarn (mercifully hidden in the middle of the wound yarn) was, ah, very artistically thick and thin. I had been able to get a pretty consistent yarn before, but the stuff I started out spinning yesterday was inconsistent, to say the least. Look at the ball of Grafton Fibers roving spread out on my sofa!!

I would just like to wrap it around myself!! The cats were asleep at the wheel for this choice opportunity - one leap onto this stuff and they could have wreaked holy havoc. But they were off someplace else, probably both sitting in a box lid in the basement.

Here's what I spun:

Not so bad, after I got the hang of it again. I'll try to get a better shot of the colors of the yarn. It's very strongly orange, then very strongly magenta, but you can't really tell from this shot. It should be dementedly beautiful knit up.

I'm not usually big on knitting sweaters for myself. In fact, I think I have only knit four sweaters for myself over the past 13 years. As I said before, I like the look of a very plain sweater, which is deathly boring for me to knit. And if I want something complicated, I like to knit lace. But I've felt the need recently to knit big, comfy sweaters for myself. So since I finished the KP&S Cardigan, I went into my stash (only knitters will know how bizarre that is!!), found some gorgeous mossy green Cascade 220 and cast on for this sweater:

I'm doing the V-neck. You can't really tell how deeply gorgeous the green is or see how great-looking the pattern photo is. Huh - note to self: perhaps I should not be taking pictures at 7am before I've had coffee. Anyway, the yarn is a little dark for optimal cable viewing, but I don't care. The cables will be subtle. And I always forget how nice Cascade is to knit with.

Have a good holiday, everyone! I'll be knitting and spinning and watching the Phillies game - now that's a good day!


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I wish I had some cake.

5:15 PM  
Blogger Liberty Fan said...

What a lovely labor on labor day! I think that the unevenness adds to the artistic quality of the spinning. I just learned how to spin yesterday on TV so I'm an expert on Spinartistry!

1:06 PM  
Blogger diana said...

Cugina, you should come down here and teach my class!! You're the Spin-Mistress!

3:26 PM  
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