Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well, Dad and I went to the Phillies game last night and though the company was delightful and the Phillies scored 6 runs in one inning, they lost. Together the Phillies and the Cubs used 35 players. Here's my crazy scorecard:

I went off to the souvenir store to buy a t-shirt for Gus in the 4th inning, which is when all hell broke out. It is our custom to maintain the scorecard of the other person when one of us takes a break, so poor Dad had to keep score TWICE during the two busiest innings ever. He was relieved to see me when I returned. Jose Hernandez hit a grand slam, which was very cool, but it was not enough. Alas.

I snuck off to Yarnings this morning to peruse their button collection. We just don't have exactly what I wanted at the mighty Tangled Web. I did indeed find the perfect button. It's doing a sort of a brassy moon-and-stars thing.


FInished Object:

And because I must check out what other places are carrying I came across this (please excuse crazy blurry picture):

LOOK at the color:

"Graceful" yarn from Yarn Place. 2400 yards of 100% laceweight wool in "Irish Lass" colorway for $23.50. Yikes. The price point and the color gave me the vapors, like a Victorian lady. Oh yeah, it came home with me. Now I must put it away from me and concentrate on 1) Orca Mitten II 2) BCP Sleeves 3) Mustard Pi Shawl. Yes, discipline - thy name is Diana..................................isn't it?


Blogger Marfa's Mewsings said...

Dear Divine One,
Oy, those Phillies. What heartbreak. Do I gear a chorus of "Wait 'till next year" from the p-nut gallery?
Your cardigan & the buttons look even more beautiful in perosn - great job, hon.
Love the newest-in-the-stash yarn. Very pretty.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous sports compression socks said...

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