Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween costume update. Things done:

1. Measured material against Gus - there's plenty there, plenty of material for "leeway" (a/k/a "mistakes")
2. Cut material lengthwise in order to make two identical front and back pieces. This was so unexpectedly thrilling that I almost made the whole costume then and there, but other activities interfered.

Knitting project report:

The Tangled Web has a new Knit-Along every two months. The September Knit-Along was the KP&S NeckDown cardigan I finished a few weeks ago (the greeny-browny one, remember?). The November one is the "KISS" purse from Sally Melville's Color book. This is sort of a fun, cheat-y Fair Isle purse. Here's a picture:

It's cheat-y because you can use one solid color and one self-striping yarn instead of a dozen single contrasting colors (the one pictured is done in true Fair-Isle style, with multiple yarns, but you get the idea.).

I bought yarn to start it a while ago - heather brown Lamb's Pride and self-striping Desert yarn in a browny-pinky colorway. That combination was a miserable failure. So I tried olive green Lamb's Pride and self-striping Taos yarn. Second miserable failure. Finally I bit the bullet and used some black Cascade 220 and the Taos - SCORE!!! I love love love how it's turning out! It doesn't exactly look Fair-Isle-y (I think the # of stitches is preventing the Taos from striping consistently), but more like an old tapestry bag (or so I tell myself). I'm about halfway through it. Here's a picture of mine:

TV/Movie Reviews:

I pre-screened "Pirates of the Caribbean" the other day. I thought Gus might like it, but WHOA - it was like the most super-violent movie ever made!! Corpses hanging, gross skeleton pirates, good men getting run through by swords, no delineation between good and bad. Maybe I'm just too much a delicate flower, but no way was the boy going to watch that.

Also watched "Shakespeare In Love" finally the other day, too. It was pleasant, but I kept thinking, hey, whatever happened to Joseph Fiennes? He was beauteous!!

I got a chance to watch "General Hospital" this afternoon. I have been watching GH off and on since the mid-70's (when I was a mere baby, of course). I don't think I've seen it for about 2 or 3 years - it was HI-larious!! Everyone was still on it, though some characters were played by different actors, which took me a while to figure out. Also, everyone had switched partners since the last time I saw it, and all the women had "secret" pregnancies. I kept laughing at every new scene. Oh, "General Hospital" how I love you....


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