Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Heart Theo!

From the Charlie-Manuel-Watch-Your-Back! Department:
The Phillies hired three former major league managers (Jimy Williams, Davey Lopes, Art Howe) yesterday as coaches for poor Charlie. Between the three of them, they have 2,183 games managed in the major leagues. Yikes.

[From Wikipedia's entry on Charlie Manuel: "If you got it you got it, if you dont go get it" - made in reference to Gavin Floyd's lack of mound poise..... Huh??]

Yesterday morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn, sort of blindly stuck my feet into my slippers and then proceded to skid precipitously down the entire staircase, wrenching my ankle and incurring a gigantic and ominous-looking bruise on my thigh in the process. I managed to get Gus to school and run some errands, then found while driving home that every time I pushed in the clutch, I'd get sweaty from the pain in my ankle. Not so good. So I when I got home I put my foot up and iced my ankle, and decided to knit these:

Interesting choice, eh, given the timing of my being laid up? Yes, I knit a pair of felted slippers for my beloved child, a mere two hours after I (in my felted slippers) skidded down the steps and nearly came to grievous bodily harm. Not to worry - his will have good grippy suede bottoms, unlike mine, which Momogus McLazypants only used fabric paint on.

My new favorite show of all-time? This:

Matthew and I do like a mid-1970's detective show ("Columbo" is my favorite), but I had never seen "Kojak" before. Telly Savalas seemed cartoonish to me and there was nothing that appealed to me. O, how wrong I was!!!! About halfway through the first episode we watched, I turned to him and said, "I am in love with Theo Kojak." It was true. He was so cool and so suave. He wore great suits and had that gorgeous deep voice. At this point in my Kojak experience (two episodes), he has not had a lollipop or said, "Who loves ya, baby?", but I have a feeling that when he does, I will be a goner.


Blogger Liberty Fan said...

I had super-scroll-speed hallucinations. I thought it was Frank Sinatra. That created too much cognitive dissonance (and oh, how fun it was to type that!).

7:51 PM  
Blogger diana said...

First of all, Frank Sinatra???? Second of all, I love how you raised the intellectual tone of the blog by using "cognitive dissonance"!!

6:46 AM  

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