Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's raining buckets this morning. I got to sleep until 7:00 am and so when I woke up I snuggled under the blankets and listened to the rain. How ding-dang cozy is that??

And last night, when I came home from work, Matthew and Gus had made a fire in the fireplace. More cozy!

Why am I telling you all this? Because I don't have much news, knitting or otherwise.

The Dark Time is officially here. No more baseball until February. The Cardinals won the World Series last night, which was disappointing personally, but thrilling in a general aesthetic baseball sense. The Tigers were enormous favorites, but they are a young team and made many young mistakes, and the Cardinals, who were steamrolled by the Red Sox in 2004, simply played like a mature team of destiny. The experts say that playoff experience is over-rated, but this Series proved them wrong. I read "Three Nights in August", Buzz Bissinger's book about Tony LaRussa, a few months ago, and he really grew in my estimation.

Scott Rolen, however, is eternally in the MM Doghouse with his buddy Burrell, who emerges and then goes back in in a continual frustrating cycle. But that's another story.

What else? I had two wonderful visitors at work this past week. The first was my dear erstwhile Old City roommate, Dianne. She and I have know each other for TWENTY-ONE years. This is impossible, since we are both around 25, but true. Oh the HI-larious-but-not-appropriate-for-the-blog memories we could dredge up!!! It was wonderful to look up from the counter and see her standing there. The other visitor was my dear Aunt Jane. She is a crocheter and knitter; we house- and pet-sit for her every winter out at the end of Long Island. She had come down for a visit and wanted to see the store. She doesn't get down to these here parts that often, so it was great to be able to show her around and introduce her to everyone.

I finished one sleeve of the Fisherlad Guernsey. It was a surprisingly pleasant experience. The patterning at the top of the sleeve is entertaining to knit and by the time you've finished it, you're halfway done the sleeve! I hope to have it finished by tomorrow, so the Fisherlad can wear it to the annual Tangled Web Punkin Party.

Matthew won tapes of 19 episodes of "Ironsides" this week on ebay, so we have been working our way through them.

I had never watched "Ironsides" before. Matthew says that it is his favorite show of all-time. I found it engaging, but it was no "Kojak", for sure. I just can't cozy up to Raymond Burr. He's a weird screen presence - is he acting or is he really that humorless? I think I liked him better as "Perry Mason", but the settings of "Ironsides" are extremely cool early 1970s so that sells it for me. Also I think I am a little in love with Don Galloway, who plays Ironsides's earnest sidekick, Detective Ed Brown.

But still I am breathlessly awaiting the next shipment of "Kojak" episodes from Netflix.


Blogger DMJ said...

The Dark Time is truly upon us, after a rather peculiar World Series. Rogers appeared to be the only Detroit pitcher who could throw to a base with any semblance of control, and it cost them dearly. For Phillies fans, it was unfortunate to see Rolen pounding the ball while Polanco went hitless (although that play Pujols made on him from his back was a pretty spectacular robbery).
Ah, well, when is it that pitchers and catchers report?

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's "Ironside," not "Ironsides." And NO ONE is his sidekick. He would tolerate no sidekicks. He was much too cool for that.

4:22 PM  
Blogger diana said...

Oops - well, Anonymous, you would know! "Ironside" it is.

I do believe, in the tradition of tv drama, that Ed counts as a sidekick, but I also can see Bob Ironside pretending that he isn't.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Marfa's Mewsings said...

Dear Divine One,
I was a fan of "Ironsides" as Matthew was/is - R. Burr was a bit of a scary screen presence so I understand your take on him.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Liberty Fan said...

I think the theme song alone makes the show worth watching, whether it is one or two "sides."

9:11 AM  

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