Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Journey Begins....

Are you all ready to go on a journey with me? A journey of hope, a journey of inspiration, a journey of challenge? For some time, I've felt something was missing in my life. I've felt that I've been taking a spiritual shortcut, but now I'm ready to put my feet on a path I've avoided, a path that admittedly I'm a little afraid of, but a path nonetheless I feel I need to take. Please, friends, come along with me as I.....


Yes, in my defense, I do have a great aversion to "bought" Halloween costumes, but I also don't really know how to sew (Okay, I don't know how to sew at all.) So that has resulted in some extremely lo-tech Halloween costumes for the lad in the past. There was Murray Wiggle from The Wiggles (red turtleneck and black pants)

[Oh my God - look how CUTE he is! He was 2 and a half. Hee hee hee - sooo cute.....Oops, sorry, I digress....]

Shaggy from Scooby Doo (big green t-shirt and baggy brown pants):

I refused to buy something that could only be worn once; hence my preference for practical costumes that were actually just regular clothing. I did glue facial hair on Gus's chin when he was Shaggy and last year I did buy a Robin vest and mask when he wanted to be Robin from Teen Titans.

This year Gus wants to be Beast Boy from Teen Titans:

He found a costume for $24.99 on the internet

Matthew said, why not buy it? But I am resistant. I think I could make it. He could wear a black turtleneck and black tights (yikes), green face makeup and green hairspray - I could do all that. It's the purple tunic-thing I'd have to sew. I think I could do it. I mean, all you do is buy the fabric and cut it close to the measurements you want and then sew it up, right? How hard could that be?

I bought a sewing machine last year because I wanted to make flannel linings for Christmas stockings I had knit for my niece and nephew. I ended up making five of them because I lined the ones for us too. So that counts as sewing experience, right? I had to trace the knitted stocking and then cut the flannel and then sew it together. That's sewing, yes? So I could do this Beast Boy tunic-thing no problem.

The main issue is, could I get all this myself (black turtleneck, black tights, purple material, belt) and make it for $24.99 or less? My feeling is no, but again, I am so resistant to buying a costume. Why? I think because we never had bought costumes when we were kids and it made us creative, though I know other people for whom this was a scarring experience. And I sort of feel like I should do it because I can do it. And maybe I want to make it because that's the kind of mindset I have - making stuff and figuring out stuff and learning new techniques for making stuff is really fun for me. But am I making a bigger deal out of this than it merits?

Last week a customer came into the store. It was a mom with a little girl who was about 3. The woman was making a unicorn costume for her daughter. She had a (very elaborate) sketch of the costume and fabric swatches for the costume with her. She wanted to buy pink sparkly yarn for the headpiece. I helped her, but inside I was thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of trouble to go to for a toddler's costume." I'm not even sure where my mindset is on this.

Should I just bite the bullet and buy the costume? Or should I make it myself? Please weigh in on this issue, readers. I need to know your thoughts.


Blogger Liberty Fan said...

Make it! Oh, make it! Consider the sense of satisfaction! And after Orca mittens, a purple tunic will be a snap. Even though it is a different medium, you are a natural and will be able to do it. The secret is, do not even LOOK at the price. You can't do it worrying if you could have bought it for less. Just remember. Seeing that little Beast Boy eating a chocolate bar in a tunic his mom made????? Priceless!

8:07 PM  
Blogger Francesca said...

I am a sewer. And I sew Halloween costumes. My mother used to sew our costumes out of sheets of crepe paper which dissolved in the rain. But I reckon you could buy this one (if you can't talk him into going as an Orca puppeteer) -- because for 24.99 this falls into what my brother in law calls "aggravation money." Now, I might just be crazed with the lack of spare time in my own life, but there are things I'm ready to do and things I have to buy because I really need time left over to knit.

Of course, since what my six year old wants to be is Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) I am going to be knitting him an enormous yellow wig. But that's only because I'm unwilling to let him bleach his hair. WHich is what he wants to do. Yah. You know it makes sense.

On the other hand, if you're tickled by the idea. Intrigued. Seduced. Then do it. But do it for the fun of it. A couple of Halloweens in a bought costume will not dissolve the backbone we are instilling in our children by refusing to buy Twinkies.

8:46 PM  
Blogger diana said...

Are you the two most sensible ladies on the planet?? I think so!!

I'm leaning toward making it, since it shouldn't be too complicated and I do like a challenge, though SM, your point about "aggravation money" is well-taken.

(I had to double-check my memory banks to see if I had ever bought Twinkies for Gus. Tastykakes, yes (which is a whole different matter); Twinkies, no.)

7:38 AM  
Blogger The Mother said...

I have had many a year of the "from scratch" costumes. Always satisfying. Always last minute...always a pin still in the seat of the pants..oh, memories of my first day of school and my outfits that were finished up the night before (and into the weeee hours of the morning)by my poor mother.

I too, HATE to spend the money buying one - only to have it fall apart on block 4 of the 25 block "crusade for sugar". HOWEVER, and that's a BIG however, you have to decide what your time is worth. BUT, another biggie, whatever you use as a base, he WILL wear again (well, maybe not the tights - which would NOT be the case in my house). Unlike my wedding dress...no wait...I was Princess Peach last year and wore it along side my little Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong - ALL HOME GROWN COSTUMES!!!(with drawn on facial hair!)

I love to rummage through my old clothes and scraps of stuff to be able to put together something FANTASTIC!

I have a rule about buying supplies for things like costumes, science fairs, exhibition's of mastery (a Charter School thing!) - and that rule is, if you can't find it in the house, you don't need it. RECYCLE! I can do wonders with foil, lawn chair straps and Christmas mini lights!

My poor angels.....

10:03 AM  
Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I don't know, if he's already found it and its only $25, why not just get it? What does the boy think? What would he rather?

3:52 PM  
Blogger diana said...

I don't think Gus is emotionally committed to the bought costume. He hasn't mentioned it since he showed me the other day. He's pretty good-natured about my jury-rigged costumes. He isn't fussy - as long as it's in the ballpark, I think he's okay with it.

Things are percolating in my brain.......

7:21 PM  
Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I love how committed he is to his character in each photo! Jammin' as Murray Wiggle, slacking as Shaggy and mighty and heroic as Robin!

10:41 PM  

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