Monday, October 09, 2006

Well I decided that the challenge was too much for me to resist. I'm gonna sew Gus's Halloween costume! Here's a window into my creative process:

First, one must make a detailed, to-scale, drawing of the proposed costume:

I went to the local sewing store and bought a yard of purple fabric. It's funny to go into a place like that and ask for help, because I'm usually on the other end; it's weird to be so completely clueless. The fabric was $4.99 for a yard.

Okay, so now I have to make a detailed, to-scale drawing of the proposed sewing action. Here is my highly-technical and complicated sewing diagram:

This is where my erstwhile carpentry experience comes in handy - you mark where you're going to cut with "X"s. Please also note professional-style sewing notations (the squiggly lines).

Then you make a detailed cutting/sewing plan:

1. Cut side of fabric
2. Sew up sides, leaving space for armholes.
3. Hem armholes
4. Sew up shoulders, leaving space for head
5. Hem neckline
6. Cut center bottom panel out for "shorts"
7. Hem around "shorts"
8. Cut slit down the back for easy entry/egress
9. Hem said slit
10. Position velcro strips along back slit for custom fit

I'm not sure it's called "hemming" to sew down the borders of everything. But you know what I mean. So that's not so hard, right?

The next step - take inventory of one's materials:

1. Black turtleneck - check - Gus already had one
2. Black tights - check - bought some at Payless for $1.99
3. Green hairspray - check - bought at CVS for $2.99
4. Green facepaint - check - bought at CVS for $1.99
5. Black boots - buying boots would probably blow my entire budget - will deal with later
6. Grey "power belt" - hmmm - I haven't addressed this issue - will deal with later

All I have to do is take some rough measurements of Gus vis-a-vis the material, and then make myself cut and sew. The latter I'm afraid is the biggest hurdle. I must think soothing sewing thoughts, like, 1) Okay, I know they have more purple material at the sewing store if I make a mistake! 2) People with no sewing experience make great Halloween costumes every day!

Even with the "soothing" thoughts, I must admit that I am filled with nerbousness and trepidation about this. I have to just jump in. Part of the problem is that there are three weeks until Halloween - I do my best work the night before or the day of. But if I delay too long and then it doesn't come out right, we'll be up a creek. Oh, hi - are you still here reading this?! I will halt the fretty stream-of-consciousness writing now.

Eagles won yesterday, beat Dallas, T.O. not a factor. Go Birds!


Blogger diana said...

Just wait till Beast Boy (properly attired) shows up at your door!!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Liberty Fan said...

I'm so glad you decided to take the plunge! There will be no other Beast Boy like him! And thanks for the Eagles note!

7:41 AM  
Blogger diana said...

Oh, mighty mother o' 5 mighty boys, how you are filled with helpful suggestions!! I have black trash bags!! And duct tape!! Two less things to fret about!


3:48 PM  

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