Thursday, November 09, 2006

I have finished niece Grace's Sorbet Purse again, this time in Cascade Pastaza (which I used for the first time and which is rather lovely to work with). Here it is pre-felted:

Nothing fancy added this time. I kept really close track of the increases this time and ended up with 4 stitches too many. What gives?? I don't worry about that, though.

Last night my dad and I went to see the Opera Company of Philadelphia's production of "La Cenerentola" (or "Cinderella") by Rossini. It was awesome! We've been going to the opera since I was about 15, so you know that's a lot of operas. I've seen crazy productions and glorious productions and operas that made me cry and operas that made me swoon. I'm not usually a fan of nutty ideas, like setting an 18th century opera in the 1950's (like this one did). However, the singers last night were wonderful, and the production actually made me laugh out loud through the opera. It was delightful.

Our seats were up on the first balcony, so we could look down into the orchestra pit. One of the best things about this was that I could watch the harpsichordist. She only had to play during the recitatives, so when she wasn't playing she folded her hands on her lap and craned her neck so she could watch the action on stage. She laughed along with the audience and clapped after particulary good arias. It was wonderful watching her! I'm used to Met productions, so I'm always a little leery of the OCP productions. But the last two I've seen have been spectacular - the singing is much more consistently good than at the Met, I love seeing things at the Academy of Music, and the productions, especially this one, were completely enjoyable. Right on, OCP!

Update - Sorbet Purse II felted:

MUCH better...... It is worthy. After it dries, I'll needle-felt some good Gracey stuff on it (flowers, "G"s, etc), and off it'll go. The Pastaza was lovely to work with, and the pattern was very easy. For scale, it's about 8" wide and 5" high - perfect size for the fashion-forward 20-month old.

Tomorrow, a rollercoaster ride of knitting despair and triumph!


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