Monday, November 06, 2006

I've been knitting, you know.

Here's niece Grace's Sorbet Purse, pre-felted:

I was supposed to end up with 88 stitches after the initial increases above the base. When I went to do the decreases at the top of the purse, it wouldn't work out. I tried again, and I didn't have nearly enough stitches. When I counted, I had 66 stitches. I had done the whole body on 66 stitches. I know I did all the increase rows, and I don't remember ninja warriors suddenly pouncing on me to distract me while I did them. So where did those 22 stitches go? Beats me.

I soldiered on and sort of fudged the whole thing at the top. We'll see what happens. Fortunately, though she is an intelligent and discerning young lady, Grace is after all, 18 months old, and perhaps she won't mind her pink sparkly purse not turning out exactly as the pattern was written. I'll have to see if it is worthy of her after it's felted.

Update - here it is felted:

Feh. It is not worthy. I don't like how the Little Flowers felted. I wouldn't mind that if the shaping were as cute as in the pattern picture, but apparently when you don't do the shaping, because of ninjas or for whatever reason, it doesn't turn out the way it should. Back to the drawing board with this one.

In the meantime, I thought I'd make some fancy-pants mittens for myself, so last night I pulled out this kit, which I purchased a while ago.

Neat colors, eh? Neat pattern, eh? I blithely cast on the required 72 stitches on #1 needles and realized after an inch or so that this mitten was going to be enormous. I rechecked the gauge. Oh. The pattern calls for 9.5 sts/1". The knitters out there will know how insane this is - for normal knitters. For a loose knitter like myself, this is the equivalent of George Clooney appearing at my door for a date. As much as I might wish for it, it ain't gonna happen.

Sadly, I put the Paradoxical Mitten pattern aside [there's some joke here, but I can't come up with it] and picked up this kit:

These call for a sensible 7.5 sts/1" - still slightly demented, but not so impossible. I like the Jamieson's Spindrift colors that came with the Paradoxical Mitten kit better than the also-admittedly-beauteous Rauna Finullgarn that came with this kit, so I think I'm going to do the Frostrosen Mittens with the Spindrift yarn. I'm so crazy.

By the way, I touched the Expanding Hand yesterday. It wasn't squishy the way I thought it would be. It was firm, like a real hand. Ewwwwwww! Now I know I'm not going to be the one to throw it out.


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