Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Okay, so I survived the Virus of Doom only to be felled three days later by the Cold of Epic Proportions. I normally have a robust constitution and pride myself on my general healthiness, but I have a sense that living with my 6-year-old germ carrier/disperser, I mean, beloved son, has proved too much for my beleaguered immune system.

So this is what I've been doing, since I cannot knit:

More beaded snowflakes (I got tired of the pearls, so branched out to some other beads I had lying around). These are actually fun to make and pretty. [Cat! Get yer damn head out of the picture!!]

More sudoku:

I bought this book while Christmas shopping at Allegheny Art Company , one of my favorite stores in the world. I have always felt a bit sad about my lack of artistic skill, so I hope this will address that a little. Here is my first exercise (a Kleenex box at eye level and below eye level, executed in the school parking lot while waiting to pick up the lad.) Apparently it is more difficult than it looks to "draw what you see".

Some cultural notes from the world of MM - first in cinema: "The Forty-Year-Old Virgin". Okay, is Steve Carell the funniest man on the planet? In my humble opinion, yes. I loved this movie - it was sweet and funny and Steve Carell was genius. The chest-waxing scene, though I had seen most of it in bits before, had me on the floor laughing.

Next, in the world of letters: "The Blessing" by Nancy Mitford. Light as air, frothy, British fun. Mitford was heretofore unknown to me but I was poking around the library the other day and decided to take the plunge. Bingo! Libraries rock! Now I'm reading "The Black Tower" by P.D. James. Inspector Dalgleish is one of our favorite British mystery guys.

I feel my tenuous grasp on remaining upright fading, so that's all for today.


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