Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random thoughts:

The Expanding Hand is still on my kitchen table. I can't tell if it is absorbing the water in the bowl or if the water is just evaporating. I haven't touched it since the last time. Here is a picture of it before:

And now:


I have a Food Network confession to make: I like Ina Garten. I used to think she was snooty, because she lived in the Hamptons and she wasn't the usual manic-cheery FN host. But I find myself looking forward to "The Barefoot Contessa". I like what she makes - interesting foods, but not too exotic and not too difficult. I like the friends she always has over for parties and brunches and dinner parties - they don't seem so snooty. And finally, I find her quiet manner soothing. I like how giddy she gets around her husband - she's always trying to make him say something funny, which he won't do, and she's always snuggling with him. I find it all strangely endearing.

I like you, Ina!

Speaking of Food Network, I don't mind Rachel Ray. I know people have been bashing her recently, but I kind of always liked her programs. I'm a sucker for kooky-enthusiastic people. But I went to the supermarket yesterday, and Rachel Ray's face was on every single product in the store. It was actually spooky! Go see for yourself - I bet it's the same in every supermarket in the ding-dang country!

I love pictures like this:

A darling neighbor couple recently had a baby boy, and I decided to knit him a little something. I was going to wait until I had finished the pair of these, but the first one came out so insanely cute that I am taking a picture now:

They make me want to talk in a really high squeaky voice. The yarn is Lana Grossa Merino 2000 on #2 needles. It's dreamy to work with.

These are from this book:

which is one of my favorite books - not because I use it so often, but when you need a cute pair of bootees, they're in here. I love making bootees. I love that you're knitting a tiny pair of shoes, with all the required shaping and stuff. I love this pattern.

MVP voting results are to be announced this week. If Ryan Howard doesn't win, I will be crushed. Cross yer fingers.


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

Um, that hand is getting bigger. SPOOKY! Who would introduce such a thing to your house?!?!?

And I saw somewhere that Tyra Banks likes the Barefoot Contessa too! I think she's pleasing in her understated way. Did you know that she used to be some sort of nuclear energy expert at the White House (Ford? I think?)

And I used to like Rachel Ray -- I'm just a wee bit tired of RR 24/7/365.

1:55 PM  
Blogger diana said...

CG - YOU have to come over and throw the hand out. And then take the garbage bag out of our house! Matthew wants me to throw it away, but I'm not going to touch it!

Ina Garten's husband is the Dean of Yale Business School. How 'bout that?

8:32 AM  

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