Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I believe that I mentioned the other day that Victorian Lace Today is the greatest book ever written in the history of mankind. I decided to take the plunge and start a project. I chose the Cap Shawl, full of spiral-y goodness and plain wrong-side rows-y goodness (laceknitters out there know how good that is!) I had some beautiful dove-grey yarn, which would have been nice, but instead I went for the insanity of this sunshine-y yellow yarn from handpaintedyarn.com (my favorite source for dementedly saturated colors and soft merino laceweight yarn for like a penny):

The first 84 rows are an easy and easily-memorized pattern and then it picks up another pattern in addition to the swirly stuff.

Better pictures once it's done and blocked. This is the first major lace project I've done in about six months, and it's good to be back. Did I mention that I adore this book?

Here are some catnip mice for the Christmas kitties:

Cast on 5 sts, working in stockinette increase one stitch each end of every knit row until you have 23 sts, bind off. Fold in half, sew up (leaving some tail for the kits to grab on to), leave a space for catnip, stuff, and throw 'em to the cats. I like Lamb's Pride Worsted knit at a fairly tight gauge. Great for using up leftover yarn (of which I have just a bit) and quick - you can make these in 10 minutes, start to finish, and your cats will go wild. I used to make these with a fancy cable down the center, but apparently that was while I was addicted to crack.

Here is Gus's Colour Me Mine menorah in action! (The sign was his idea, though I told him people could figure out what day it was by how many candles were lit....no matter, he's all about signs)

I apologize to those many readers out there who were breathlessly awaiting pictures (or "Laura"), but I realized the other stuff is gifts and cannot be revealed in this space. I'll take pictures now and show them after the holidays.

The Eagles won on Sunday and can win the division if they win their last two games. How did that happen?

Matthew threw the Expanding Hand out on Saturday. I had actually forgotten about it, though it's been sitting on the kitchen table for two months. He said it was getting moldy. Ew. At least I didn't have to touch it again.


Blogger Cat said...

HELLO!! "Natural" checking in!! I love the idea of "treat in a jar". I was fortunate enough to get one as a gift!! It came in a mason jar - but was not packaged as beautifully as yours!! I do like how it looks in the jar (with all the layers of sugar and flour and M & M's!)

I feel the same way about vacations! I love to have the "angels" home all day. We make cookies, and clay and paper snowflakes! It's all fun, all the time! (waa haa haa - NOT!). But I do love it. Even though I can TECHNICALLY sleep late, I love to get up super duper early and enjoy my coffee - and drink the ENTIRE cup while it's HOT! What a TREAT!

Tonight we are making GGB Houses. I made the template myself (because I wanted a wood shed on my house) and then I made each boy their own. (to limit the decorating wars). Oh what fun. I'm only in it for about $100.00 so far. My house smelled GREAT while the baking was going on. The angels were very busy "making" gifts out of craft sticks and lots of paint and hot glue. BD thinks I'm nuts...and I AM!!! The boy would LOVE my house!!

9:51 AM  
Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I LOVE the menorah (and the sign!)

Hey, did you know that we're supposed to tip the trash collectors? Ours left a Christmas card on the empty can (I noticed everyone else on the block got one too). So I looked it up online and we're supposed to give $20 to $30 each. But I ask you, how to give the tip? Leave it on the trash? Chase after the truck?

10:12 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

Chase the truck...in your pj's. (with the barking dog along too)

11:07 AM  
Blogger diana said...

Yo, NB - great to have you back in CommentLand. You need to stop the GBH madness when you have to take out a little GBH mortgage. Maybe the boy and I will try that next year. I did work in construction, after all.

CG - I believe it is illegal to tip government employees. Also, I don't believe in tipping people for doing their job. Also, they're not living off their tips, like a cabbie or a waitress. I've toyed with the thought of leaving a bag of cookies or a six-pack out on top of the trashcans, but never followed through. Maybe that's why my trashcans end up down on Hamel Ave.

12:50 PM  
Blogger DMJ said...

In Jenkintown, our trash is picked up by employees of BFI (Browning Ferris Industries) based on a contract with the borough. So those trash collectors (the ones, Matt and Barry, I think it was, who left cards at all their stops this morning) are not public employees. Also, I understand that the US Postal Service has put out an informal rule saying, "Please don't give mail carriers any more than twenty bucks."
Too bad about the Expanding Hand.

5:23 PM  

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