Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Indelible Images from the Holidays:

Last night of Hanukah. Latkes (from scratch!) and Chinese food (not from scratch):

Orca Mittens finished! (on trip to Matthew's parents down the shore on Christmas morning. Nothing like cutting it alittleclose!):

Pink Purse needlefelted and done (Christmas Eve, thank you very much):

Gus and Grandpop Dobb playing Battleship on Christmas Day:

Gus won, and on the ride home said, "I can't believe I beat a Navy guy in Battleship!"

Two days after the Expanding Hand got thrown out, another inscrutable object in a bowl of water appeared on my kitchen table:

It's an "alligator egg"; not a real one (I hope).

Also this today:

Gus and next-door neighbor James took a reaallly long time checking very carefully through these Bertie Botts Beans (notice bean sorting and also reference chart on back of the box) with a great deal of debate, but Gus ate an Earwax one by accident anyway.

I hope everyone had a crazy beautiful holiday like me. I love the holidays, but on December 26 I revert to Scrooge and want to run around and put everything down the basement again.


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