Thursday, December 07, 2006

Okay, so much for the charities and holiday spirit! Look what I got as an early birthday/Christmas present!

Oh yeah, baby! Carol along with me - "Freddy Garcia's comin' to town!!" The Phillies sent the White Sox Gio Gonzalez (former ChiSox highly-touted pitching prospect) and GAVIN FLOYD. Yes, poor Gavin "Deer In The Headlights" Floyd. What gives? Is the world gone MAD?

And as if that weren't enough, look who is gone gone GONE!

Lieberthal signed with the Dodgers. I know that one shouldn't base one's perceptions of players by how they act at Photo Day, but Lieberthal solidified his already-strong and longstanding position in the MM Doghouse this year by loftily walking by the fans without making eye contact or having any interaction at all. He did this both years we went. I know - I was watching him. Now that he's with the Dodgers he doesn't have to be in the Doghouse any more, giving Pujols and Rolen and Burrell more elbow room.

When Randy Wolf signed with the Dodgers recently he called the guy who was the founder of the Wolf Pack (the first of those goofily-named player fan groups - do other teams have them or is it just the Phillies?), and told him how much he appreciated all he did and how he would miss the support and to call him if the Pack came to LA and he would get them tickets. Now that's how to treat your fans!


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Blogger diana said...

OH MY GOD!!!! THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!! I was on the phone with the oil company when they came through, and I almost had a stroke from laughing so hard!

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Blogger DMJ said...

I think you're being too tough on Mike Lieberthal. Year after year he went back there behind the plate, squatting down with his bad knees killing him or his bad back giving him pain, and he produced. OK, so he wasn't Mike Piazza as a hitter (few are), but he was a much better catcher. When you're trying to keep playing for your team and your knees are crying out in anguish (a pretty picture, eh?), maybe photo day is just one more of those extraneous chores that have to be gotten through before the game begins. So -- the last couple of years maybe Lieby wasn't up to the standard he set earlier, but he was still in there trying and doing his best for the Phillies. Give him a break...

11:15 AM  
Blogger diana said...

Hey, when he gets paid $9.00/hour like I do, I'll cut him some slack. If you're getting paid $5 million a year, I expect some ding-dang interaction!!!

12:34 PM  

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