Wednesday, February 21, 2007

(Knitters, you can skip this part. There's knit-y stuff farther down...)

Thoughts from Phillies Spring Training so far:

Pitcher Jon Lieber arrived in Clearwater in a truck that cost $211,000. Here it is:

Please note manager Charlie Manuel on the right for scale. Charlie is a dainty 6'4". The truck is NINE FEET HIGH and like 25 feet long. It weighs 12.5 tons. Because it is a diesel, it actually gets pretty good mileage - 12 mpg. Lieber only used a quarter of a tank (200 gallon capacity) to drive from Mobile to Clearwater. Now he just has to make the team. I hope he does and drives it up to Philadelphia so I can see it. Maybe I could borrow it....... I can just see me dropping off Gus at his Quaker-y school in my NINE FOOT HIGH truck. That would rock!!! Go Lieber!!!

Perennial MM favorite Pat Burrell

got engaged over the winter. He now resents Dallas "Loose Lips" Green's remarks that he should tone down his legendary man-about-town antics off the field. Green drove stinkin' Scott Rolen out of town; let's see what he'll do about Burrell. Actually, as I mentioned in the comments a few days ago, I'm turning over a new leaf about Burrell this year. I'm all about the love - no more negativity from me! I think Burrell's going to have a great season this year and prove all of us old naysayers wrong! Really! Go Pat!!

In knitting news, I'm a little bit at sixes and sevens about what big project to take on next. A shawl? A sweater? I'm in a holding pattern, which means I've felt like finishing things, believe it or not. I recently finished this item:

It is a scarf for Matthew's birthday, double-knit in the new love of my life, Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Hand-Dyed. Oh how I love this yarn!!! It's $18 for one flipping skein, but you get 100 yds. When it came into the store, I kept thinking, "What a rip-off! How can they charge $18 for one skein? No way would I ever buy that!" Famous last words, of course. I finally succumbed to its siren song. I knit the scarf on an #11 (and I'm a loose knitter - what's up with calling it "worsted"?), so I actually got a decent-sized scarf for $28 (with employee discount, thank you). And let me tell you - it is SOFT and so dreamy to work with. I knit a sample hat in this yarn for the store yesterday at work, and it was a pure pleasure. Now I shall stop gushing.

I've finished 13 repeats of the Cap Shawl edging, which means 195 stitches bound off. That leaves about 525 left to bind off, which means 35 more repeats of the edging. I guess that doesn't sound so bad.... I guess. It's actually sort of pleasant, mindless knitting - I've memorized the pattern so I can just pick it up and put it down whenever the impulse strikes me.

I also finished these, a Spiral Rib Hat (Ann Norling pattern) and neck gaiter (from my brain) in Lorna's Laces Swirl Chunky, with a smidgeon of Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted to finish off the gaiter.

The Hat pattern is fun and quick, and I must say that a neck gaiter is the greatest invention known to mankind. We walked to the diner on Monday morning for Presidents' Day breakfast, and it was COLD, and that ding-dang neck gaiter kept me completely warm and toasty. And no pesky ends to wrap around or keep track of.

I also finished these yesterday at work - socks in an especially nutty Lana Grossa colorway. I knit one for the store and then (as ALWAYS happens whenever we knit a sample of anything), the color was discontinued, so Mary gave me the sock and the leftover yarn. They may be kooky-looking, but they're full of warm wooly-socks-y goodness, and though I made no effort whatsoever to get them to match, they actually match pretty well. Huh.

I also finished one of these monstrosities:

This is Fiber Trends Felted Alpine Boot. My Felted Clogs (shown here for scale) are getting a little tired (after being worn every single day for three years), so they are about to be sent to an honorable retirement. I like the idea of a boot-type slipper, so when this pattern came in, I thought I'd take it out for a spin. Don't be fooled by its super-giganticness; I'm actually making the lower size. The special thing about these boots? Every ding-dang inch of them is from stash yarn (but why did I have that fuzzy pink yarn??). Anyway, stash-busting! Praise the Lord!


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I noticed the photo of the truck in the paper last week and said to Dad, "That guy's got issues!" It is so the overcompensationmobile!

Also, I LOVE those socks!

3:10 PM  
Blogger diana said...

The Overcompensationmobile! WA HA! Good one, CG. But please don't say that when I borrow it from Jon Lieber.

6:29 PM  

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