Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was casually reading my post from yesterday and suddenly thought OH MY GOD it's tomorrow already!! What's with this time-rushing-up-on-me thing?

Okay, in case anyone is still interested, here is my new OBSESSION:

Woooo hoooooo! Jigsaw puzzles!!! While cleaning up the dining room (a/k/a The Tiny Cluttered Storage Room of Terror), I came across the jigsaw puzzle above that I must have bought after the last family vacation in the Poconos a couple of years ago. My mom loved to do jigsaw puzzles, and on that vacation, Mom and I raced to get up the earliest so we could station ourselves in front of whatever puzzle we were working on. I think we finished 3 or 4 that week. It was so fun I think I bought this when I got back and then it got buried in the Dining Room of Horror. This first one I finished in two days. So then I had to rush to Target and buy another one:

This one I've had more trouble with. I finished most of it, but am stymied by the red trees scattered all over. Look at the million completely identical red pieces left. Boo hoo!!!

I was going to bail on it, but Gus told me, solemnly, that I should never give up. I'll give it the old college try for a couple more days and then start in on this appropriately knitting-themed one:

Okay, so that's my new obsession. Here is my other one:

This is the "Wing o' the Moth Shawl" from here. I am using Douceur et Soie yarn in a pale shade of buttery goodness that makes me swoon. I'll tell you what else makes me swoon - this DING-DANG YARN!!! Douceur means "gentleness" in French and soie means "silk". Oh yeah..........this yarn is the epitome of gentleness and silk. If any fabric actually felt like the Wing of a Moth, it would be this. I pick up my knitting, and it gently flutters in the breeze. Okay, so I could go on and on, but I won't. Suffice it to say, if you ever get a chance to knit with this stuff, DO SO.

Phillies Note: In order to change the Phillies mojo, I took the Phillies flag down and put up a spring-themed flag. I feel that this should do the trick. I'm just sorry I let them lose 7 games before it occurred to me that I needed to act.


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