Monday, April 23, 2007

Opening Day!!

Some people have hinted that the Internet's Premier Source for Combined Knitting/Phillies Information was getting a little skimpy on baseball information. So in response I bring you:

Glenside Youth Athletic Club's Baseball Opening Day. They sponsor baseball teams for kids from 5-16 from tee-ball up to high school. This was the first year that Gus participated. Here he is:

(Please give me a moment to compose myself........)

Anyway, because we haven't participated before we had no idea what a big deal this is around here. There was an Opening Day Parade and they closed off the streets, had fire engines lead off and bring up the rear. There were bagpipers, there were Mummers, our most excellent State Representative Josh Shapiro led off the parade. And in between there were (it seemed) thousands and thousands of little boys and girls. They all proudly marched through town and then ended up at the baseball field where they had a hot dog and juice. It was mind-bogglingly wonderful and a true small-town experience that I didn't think existed anymore.

And the game? Well, they don't keep score in this league, but the coach told us that the kids know exactly what the score is. Gus went 3-for-3 with 2 runs batted in (including the game winner, though of course I wasn't keeping track of such things) and 2 runs scored. When the game was over, he came running over and said, "We beat the Yankees 6-3!!!"

Beating the Yankees, even in their innocent fun-loving 7-and-8-year old incarnation, made Gus's Red Sox-loving father happy. We went out for dinner to celebrate. (Because it was still warm out, I told Gus he could wear shorts, but he said he wanted to dress "fancy" because we were going out to celebrate.)

I have all kinds of issues with athletics and sports left over from my dorky youth, and I was nervous that Gus would get caught up in them. But this league and his wonderful coach and the nice parents and their good kids ensured that it was all good. Not to be too corny (but I will be anyway), but to see the pure joy on those kids' faces and how happy my kid was made this the best and happiest day I've had in eight long months.

Thank you, GYAC.


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

I had so much fun at Gus's game! You'll have to let me know his schedule. It was great to watch them all have such a great time!

2:32 PM  
Blogger Francesca said...

What a wonderful day you had! Baseball is the answer. I don't know what the question is, but that's the answer.


9:15 PM  
Blogger Marfa's Mewsings said...

Divine One,
Yea for Gus & his team. What a guy.
And what a Mom you are - glad that you felt such elation from this cool day & game.

7:35 AM  

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