Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mighty Momogus's Questionable Culinary Adventures!!

Gus's school had its First Grade Reading Breakfast on Friday. Each student read a poem they had written and then they each went over three books they had written (one fiction, one a fairy tale and one a group of poems - don't even get me started on these or I will start sobbing with maternal pride.) Anyway, each parent was asked to bring something in that had a literary connection. I volunteered to bring in Green Eggs and Ham. Gus and I had several discussions on whether adding blue food coloring was advisable or to go with the green food coloring. We agreed on green. Then we had to decide how many drops of coloring. It was quite the interesting problem. Here it is in uncooked form:

Yummy!!!! Here it is in cooked form, barely more palatable-looking:

Now the most shocking thing: There was nothing left after the breakfast. Nothing. I looked around the room and saw kids and parents and teachers all eating the green eggs and ham!!! I am the least picky eater on the planet, and I cooked those eggs, and I didn't want to eat them!! I was truly surprised!

Today Gus and I made a pilgrimage to our favorite place in the world, Michael's Arts and Crafts, to get candy sticks and meltable candy chocolate and made these to use up the dozens of bananas we had suddenly accumulated. This was our first try at this. Please do not laugh at the turdy-looking one on the right (though we did!):

Into the freezer they went to be enjoyed on a hot spring afternoon. Like maybe tomorrow.

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