Monday, June 11, 2007

Here's some stuff that's new around here.

New ceiling!!

New wall!!

Hallelujah! It's hard to find someone who will repair plaster - most do only drywall now. But we got a recommendation from a friend to try Mr. Patrick Bonner, who promptly came to the house, spoke with a beautiful lilting Irish accent, and more importantly, did a spectacular job repairing the catastrophic hole (remember my Mother's Day present?) in our ceiling and also the horrible crack on the wall next to the fireplace. There had been a gigantic mirror over the fireplace when we moved in, which Matthew and I took down in anticipation of Patrick Bonner's arrival. That ding-dang thing must have weighed 150 pounds. No wonder the wall was cracking in half. Now we just have to wait a week for the plaster to dry and I can paint it and we can get on with our lives.

And now, presenting.....Kittens!!

This is the other big issue going on chez Momogus. Early this past winter, I noticed a stray cat rummaging through our recycling bin, licking out the empty cat food cans. This act was so patently pathetic that of course I put out some crunchies for her. Of course, this led to her appearing like clockwork in the morning and the evening for meals. Of course, this led to me naming her ("Smokee") (I know I know, not original, but she is smokey-looking and I wasn't thinking I'd make a big emotional investment in her.) And then of course, she shows up one day looking suspiciously....round.... and I say, "I think Smokee's going to have some babies." And then, sure enough, she shows up one day suspiciously....skinny again....and I say, "I think Smokee had her babies." And THEN, sure enough, who appears under our back steps but Smokee and her FIVE kittens. And of course, they are adorable beyond belief and of course we named all of them (curse of death) and now they are 7 weeks old and all weaned and we have to catch them and also Smokee and get 'em all fixed and placed.

We can't take Smokee in because even though she follows us around the yard companionably and talks to us constantly, she is pretty skittish and also our psycho-cat Funny would have an aneurysm. But we think a couple of kittens would be okay. First we liked Nuts (the crazy intrepid one) and Beady (the all-black one). The Unnamed Calico (we didn't name her because then we would get attached and she's already spoken for) would go to a friend. But then there was Orange Cream (who is orange-and-white and fluffy!) and Possum-Face (who has gorgeous dark coloring and an unfortunate whitish face). I feel bad now that I named him Possum-Face, so we may have to adopt him out of guilt. So it may be Nuts and Possum-Face.

Here they are, nursing in a particularly disorganized fashion:

Cross your fingers. I hope we can catch them all.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! That nursing photo is HILARIOUS!!! They are NOT very organized -- I particularly like the draping technique used by Beady, Nuts and unnamed calico!

And you'd better adopt Alan Possum-Face!

10:20 PM  
Blogger Cat said...

I would say "keep em' all - just build a cat house in the back yard" - but that doesn't sound right!

Tell my little man to be on the lookout for something in the mail! I loved my special note from him. He's the best.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

crazy cat lady alert!

but like the Bouviers, maybe they'll make a documentary about you someday and then a broadway show like Grey Gardens....

also in the spirit of newness: my new 2nd fav blog on the nets:

12:02 PM  
Blogger diana said...

CG - I'm trying to love Alan Possum-Face......

NB - I swing back and forth between sending the whole damn lot to a shelter and keeping every eentsy teensy weentsy beentsy one for myself!!

EPP - yes, for someone who considers herself a dog person, I am verging dangerously close to KER-azy Cat Lady status.

8:43 PM  

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