Monday, August 27, 2007

The polls are closed, and the winner is: Pudge!

The vote (after numerous hanging chads were discarded) was Pudge 6, Cimi 4, and this guy:


If you want to see some creatures that will knock your socks off, go here, courtesy of friend Kel. I was all happy looking at the sloths and red pandas and angora bunnies, but then I came to the hagfish ("Their unusual feeding habits and slime-producing capabilities have led members of the scientific and popular media to dub the hagfish as the most 'disgusting' of all sea creatures."), and it made me cry it was so super-ooky. C'mon, go look and get all skeeved-out like I did!!

I keep meaning to get to my Vermont-y goodness posts, but other things keep intervening. Soon there will a post full of Vermont, but first a movie review. Yesterday Gus and I saw "Ratatouille". It was the most enjoyable kids movie I've seen since...hmmm...."Finding Nemo" maybe.... or "The Polar Express". If you have kids, I strongly recommend you find a theater and go see it. Even though it's from the Evil Empire, it was just right - beautifully animated, funny, gentle, good messages delivered in an un-saccharine manner. I find myself cringing through most kids' movies, but not this one. An unreserved MM thumbs-up.


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