Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some knitting, some Vermont and some kitties.

First, some knitting. You may recall this sweater:

It is the sample for the Momogus Knits Baby Cabled Cardigan. Well, after starting the sleeve, I realized that I didn't like that the cables were both twisting the same direction. SO, I ripped out the sleeve and the left front and started over. (You should have seen Matthew's expression as I passionately discussed and debated this with him/at him for hours....) Here is a poor quality picture that (sort of) shows the new fronts with the cables twisting in opposite directions:

Much better. So then I decided to do the front button bands. I thought that it would look clean and nice, picking up stitches along the purl wasteland at the edge. But I was wrong. Oh so wrong. Here is how wrong I was:

It was so full of hole-y badness that I was beside myself. And then there was creeping realization of dread (accompanied by more passionate debate at long-suffering Matthew) that the only way to put a stabilizing border on the fronts was to RIP THEM BOTH OUT AND START OVER. Oy.

Fortunately, it's a baby sweater, so it's not completely onerous to rip and re-knit. But still. But here it is, all done. The buttonbands are a little wide for my taste (and of course I had my usual button placement issues), but I've revised the pattern since to make them a little narrower. It's a cute sweater, though, and I'm happy with it.

And now some random images from Vermont:

This was the fire tower at the top of Stratton Mountain. We took the ski lift up and then hiked about 2 miles to the fire tower. There is supposed to be a spectacular view from the top. It's about 50 feet high. Matthew doesn't love heights so he opted out of this part. I don't have a particular fear of heights (all that roofing work), but when Gus and I got to the top level my head was swimming woozily. Gus made it to the top platform, but I stayed on the steps right below. The hikers behind us only made it halfway up before they bailed, so Gus was very proud of himself.

Here is our little Ansel Adams. I gave him my old Olympus 35mm film camera, and he went to town. He's been out taking pictures with his dad for years, so he's an old hand, but I do love this picture.

Here's what he was taking pictures of. This was "The Swamp" - a beaver-created swamp halfway down the mountain that we drove by every day that was chock-full of photo ops. This is Matthew's eerie picture.

And this is Stitchy Women in Poultney, Vermont. This was my very first sales presentation of my patterns (not counting the Tangled Web, where I had an automatically captive audience). The owner, the warm and wonderful Mary Lee Harris, listened patiently to my spiel and bought the patterns! So now my patterns are carried in TWO states! (The gorgeous Whipple Tree Yarn Shop in Woodstock, Vermont is also carrying my patterns, but they don't seem to have a website for me to link to...)

And now, a kooky kitty moment, Nuts being Nuts:


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

Nuts is getting big!! And I LOVE your little photographer!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

still laughing that you named him Nuts.

wondering if i'll buy the dye kit or if i'll just get some from knit picks and some bare yarn, and get to work.

and i know you're happy about the sweep over the mets.

8:45 PM  

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