Sunday, August 26, 2007

Webkinz Cuteosity Standings As of This Morning (voting ends Monday - make your voice heard if you haven't voted yet!!):
Pudge: 5
Cimi: 4
ks's Weird Amphibious Thing: 1

Non-Knitters Alert! This post is all knitting and yarn! Here's what happens when I finally go on vacation and do NOT have tendinitis. I finished two and a half samples:

Momogus Knits Baby Cabled Pullover (Rowan Cashsoft DK - please excuse wonky-looking hem)

Momogus Knits Basic Baby Cardigan and Basic Baby Cap (Lana Grossa Merino 2000)

Momogus Knits Baby Cabled Cardigan (Rowan Felted Tweed - I forgot to bring the rest of the yarn for this or I would have finished it too!!)

Vacation Socks!! There are two things you need to know about this picture. One, I love knitting dk weight socks for my boy. I'm not quite sure why. Those are his on the left - Steinbach Wolle Strapaz from the wonderful Stitchy Women in Poultney, Vermont. His feet are still small enough that it wouldn't be a huge pain to knit him fingering weight socks. I am just addicted to knitting him dk weight socks. KnitPicks used to have awesome dk weight self-patterning sock yarn that cost like, a penny, but they discontinued it. I wish I had bought a hundred balls of it.

Anyway, by Tuesday I had finished the projects I had taken up with me, and I was desperate for a fix. We stopped in HandKnits in Wilmington, Vermont where there was a huge supply of Koigu. I gleefully picked out two skeins, like a crack addict who just came across some, ah, crack. I wound it over my knee in the car and cast on right away. I got about an inch into it and realized this amazing fact: I had discovered the only ugly colorway of Koigu on Earth. I was lulled into thinking it would be pretty because it had orange and bright pink in it. What I ignored was the grey, grey-blue, grey-green and greyish-purple that were also predominant. Ew. But what's a knitter to do?

Of course I kept going, and then I decided to do an experiment. I've always done the heels and toes of my Koigu socks in regular nylon/wool sock yarn - to stretch what I thought was the skimpy yardage of the Koigu and also to give the socks some durability. So I decided, since I didn't have any regular sock yarn and since I was knitting the socks toe-up, that I would conduct an experiment and see exactly how far a skein of Koigu goes.

I finally bound off when there were still probably a couple of yards left. These ended up significantly longer than I usually make my socks. That said, I'm a very lazy knitter and doing the socks toe-up always means that I get bored about 2 inches after I turn the heel so my socks are always on the short side. I knit these on a #2 needle and only on 56 stitches, but I ribbed almost the whole leg (I started the ribbing when I couldn't stand the stockinette in that horrid colorway anymore) so my conclusion is that 175 yards is plenty of yarn for an adult sock. I wear a size 9, if you need further information for comparison or wish to buy me some shoes.


Blogger Liz K. said...

I've never understood why people can't get an adult sock out of a skein of Koigu. I know I have short feet and all, but they seem plenty to me. And you're right. That's a Koigu loser you got there. Yech.

PS -- My daughter and I both vote for the Pug!

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pudge of course.

glad to see your are wailing away at the knitting. Wanna come over and finish some of my stuff??

11:10 AM  
Blogger diana said...

liz k - you know what's sad? the koigu looks BETTER in the picture than in real life! You know what's even sadder? I have to knit the 2nd sock! And it's the longest sock I've ever made!!!!

purl - hello, stranger!! thanks for the vote!! and thanks for your gracious offer, but no, I just happen to have oh, about 1200 more projects to finish...

2:05 PM  

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