Saturday, September 29, 2007

All I'm going to say, in a calm non-confrontational-with-the-baseball-gods way, is that the Phillies are in sole possession of first place. That's a really nice thing, isn't it? Yes, I suppose it is, if that sort of thing were important to a person. Two games left. Now I shall go on about my business, with my heart defibrillator handy, just in case.....

Okay, so I finished Gus's hoody vest.

It's all great and stuff, but I think it's too short. I had added 2" to the body length, but it's still hitting him right below the waist and I wanted it to hit him (in a cool badass fashion) at the hips. Sooooo, since it only took 4 days to make and because I am not that emotionally invested in it (though putting in a zipper always takes something out of me), I think I'm going to cut it at the bottom and unravel it back to where the stockinette starts and then work an extra couple of inches of ribbing downwards. Exciting stuff.

I went to Granny's Sewing Den yesterday to buy the zipper for the hoody and also bought some of those nice braided leather buttons for the red Momogus cardigan I finished last week. Sewing stores have great button selections! I pored over the racks of buttons for a lonnnnnnngggg time and then eventually struck up a conversation with the woman working there. I told her of my sewing machine woes [I can't get the bobbin to thread - this "woe" will probably give her an anyeurism laughing, but I can't fix it!] and she said that she offers private lessons, so I think I may take her up on that. I feel like I should know how to do everything, and I got stuck pretty fast with the ding-dang sewing machine. Though I did have my (brief) moment of triumph with Gus's Beast Boy costume last year. Ah yes.........


Blogger schwa said...

That looks fantastic!!!!

5:39 PM  
Blogger diana said...

Thank you, schwa!!

11:27 AM  

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