Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Phillies are still hanging in there. I believe my judicious alternating of the American and Phillies flags on my front porch has kept them in the race. They're only a game and a half off the wild card lead and only 1.5 games behind the Mets, but still. They have no no NO pitching!! No pitching. How they've scraped 78 wins out of this staff is a miracle. Sigh.

And I suppose that the Kitty Network is working overtime because this young lady showed up the other day and sat on our front porch for half the day.

Smokee came up and tried to make her leave, but she goofily thought Smokee's hissing and growling was some sort of play. "Yay! That seems like a really fun game!!" She had a collar with no tag on and the neighbors said she lived on the next street over. She was funny. Gus called her Mystery. Though I had a moment of premonition that our house might become beseiged by cats at the windows a la "The Birds", I hope she comes for a visit again. She was delightful.

Here's what I've finished knitting-wise over the past couple of days:

Momogus Knits Easy Fingerless Gloves. A new pattern. These were knit in two new DIVINE yarns that the Web just started carrying. The red ones are Autumno and the goldy ones are Peruvia from Berroco. Highly recommended.

I also started the Child's Easy Cabled Cardigan pattern. The back went smoothly, considering there was nothing to do but knit a rectangle. Then there were the fronts. I knit the right front without incident. Then I knit the left front:

Looks great, eh?

Well, when I went to bind off the shoulders together, I realized that I had picked up a different color ball of Encore. Huh? It's not like I have dozens of balls of Encore lying around the house. So I sighed and picked up the right color of Encore and knit up the left front AGAIN. I finished it last night and when I went to bind off the shoulders I realized that I had forgotten to do the cables in the opposite direction.

Oy vey. I didn't have the heart to do anything else last night. I just sat with idle defeated hands. Today I will start a NEW left front.
This was my soothing project on the way to the Shore to visit my in-laws this weekend:

This is Momogus Knits Adult Cabled Hat in forbidden contraband Noro Kureyon, which I purchased at another store. We haven't carried KFI-distributed yarns for a couple of years now after some unpleasant dealings with them. We've never regretted the decision, except for the Kureyon. It's scratchy and unevenly spun, but the colors are demented. The above combination of pattern and wildly-variegated yarn is something I tell customers all the time is a no-no, but I couldn't resist. And I lurve it.


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