Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, everybody!


What a difference this year has been from last, when I spent two months getting Gus's costume ready. That was kind of fun, but a little stressful. This year he wants to be Bart Simpson, which entails an orange t-shirt and blue shorts, which I'm sure he has someplace [please note too-casual attitude. This will come back to bite me later, I'm sure...]

I bought him yellow hair spray and yellow make-up, because Bart's hair and skin are yellow. I have my doubts about making his hair stand up straight, but I still have hairspray from last year's Beast Boy hairdo. I also bought him a cheap skateboard as a prop, which I showed him with very stern admonitions about it being a prop only. He agreed to this with big-eyed earnestness. About ten seconds later I heard a big crash from the dining room and bellowed, "What did I say about that skateboard?!!" Fortunately, neither he nor the dining room was any worse for wear.

10 am update:

Here's my wee jungle animal at school. This is the last year that each grade does its own costumes at school. How nice it is to let the teachers do all the work:

Here is his beloved teacher Sandy:

Matthew was thrilled that she had a Wakefield jersey; he felt that that was a particularly discerning choice. He loves ancient and still-effective Tim Wakefield.

10 pm:

Ahh - all the kerfluffle is over. Here's Gus, in all his yellow-skinned and not-quite-yellow [the hairspray came out green - what's up with that??]-haired glory, surveying the haul [he and his father must have covered a 16-square-mile radius]:

This was the lowest-maintenance Halloween costume in the history of Halloween. I didn't even have to fuss too much with his skin and hair because he was too impatient to go and didn't really care how he looked.

God bless low-maintenance boys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed it, but it looks as if Gus had a happy and productive Halloween. Treasure them,
o Momogus!

11:30 AM  

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