Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One of the nicest surprises I got this past week was a visit from Suzanne. Like all sensible knitters, she spent a goodly part of her vacation in a yarn store (in this case, the Web), so we got to hang out a little and have some good knitters' chat. She showed me her dementedly beautiful Striped Scarf (which of course got me casting on TWO) and we had a nicely esoteric discussion of sleeve caps and armsyces and such. One of the most interesting points she raised was the effect that Ravelry would have on knitters' blogs.

Does the need to maniacally document everything on Ravelry mitigate the need to post on your blog? I've found it does. This blog started as a place for me to write about what I was knitting. I loved reading other knitters' blogs and getting inspired by what they were doing. But it quickly evolved into a place to muse about the Phillies and Gus and Halloween costumes and whatever ding-dang thing came into my head. I've been knitting up a storm recently, but I've found I have to remind myself to post it here because I've already put it on Ravelry.

The other effect that Ravelry has had on me is that I've been jumping on "popular pattern" bandwagons all over the place. I always missed the boat (or bandwagon) deliberately or by accident on the projects everyone was making - I think I made my Clapotis three years after everyone else did. But the Pattern Browser on Ravelry lets you search by most popular and then you can see 200 examples of the pattern that everyone's making. And I've been having fun sitting at the popular kids table, for a while.

So I've been having fun making these:

The famous Striped Scarf. This is great, mindless, why-did-I-never-do-this-before pattern. Two rows each of self-striping yarns. Everyone's been doing this in Noro Kureyon, but I have none and the Web doesn't sell it. Instead I chose Plymouth Boku (which is exactly the same as Silk Garden) as the striper and Rowan Cashsoft Aran as a soft solid-colored yarn. The first one I tried was a yellow-brown-green-purple Boku and a plum Cashsoft Aran. I didn't love the combination, but the scarf is so fun to knit that I just kept going.

Then I chose a pink-purple-green-yellow Boku and brown Cashsoft Aran. This color combo I liked much more. I think I'll rip out the other one and keep going on this one instead. One thing I've notice is that though their yardage is only 4 yards apart, the Cashsoft runs out WAY before the Boku. It's happened on both colors I've used. I have a sneaky suspicion Rowan is lacking on quality control.

The other "popular" project I made recently was the Pirate Hat from It's for Gus. Here it is on the recipient.

Lana Grossa Merino 2000, one of my favorite all-time yarns.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

[This is what happens when you combine too much Theraflu, a hungry boy, and it being too early in the morning...]

The Evolution of Waffle Man!

At this point, I was giggling in a maniacally drugged and unhinged fashion, and Gus finally said, "Could I PLEASE have my waffles now?"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cross yer fingers!!!

Update 2:05 pm: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Six years and counting.....

Friday, November 16, 2007

This is for CurlyGirl. Here is our new toaster:

(I'm still in a deeply-committed relationship with my new boyfriend, TF, and so have no energy to do anything but hate the long gaps between posts.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

A little Phillies chat for the disgruntled non-knitting readers: Two fairly big deals this past week for our Fightins. They traded highly-touted [aren't they all?] prospect Mike Costanzo, speedster Michael Bourn and somebody else whom I can't think of right now [I'm sick and it's early in the morning....] [no, wait, it was Geoff Geary!] to the Astros for formerly-brilliant closer Brad Lidge. I have generally positive feelings about this trade, but a few reservations.

When the Phillies signed Costanzo, they showed home video from when he was about 3 years old just tagging the ball at some local ballfield. It was startlingly impressive. He's had some trouble as he's moved up lately, so I'm not sure if that early promise will be fulfilled. The caveat is that the Astros general manger is former Phillies general manager Ed Wade, who signed Costanzo (and Bourn, I suspect), so I'm hoping he doesn't know something we don't know. If you know what I mean. I loved to watch Bourn play - it's been lovely to see the formerly-leadfooted Phillies play with such speed and aggression on the bases and in the field. But with Shane Victorino, you don't really need Bourn.

And Lidge? Who knows? He's only 30 and has been dominant in the past, but lost his job as closer last year, regained it and finished with an okay record. Unless Costanz turns out to be a star, I think this is a good trade for the Phillies. Tom Gordon can set up and Myers can go back to the rotation (which he didn't want to do, but that starting rotation needs him.)

In other pitching news, the Phillies sewed up middle reliever J. C. Romero for a couple of years, which is great. He's pitched terrifically and he's kind of kookily intense out on the field, which is entertaining and good to see. Good move, Phils.

Now, back to hunkering down with my new best friend, T.F.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Here's where I've been spending every waking moment lately. I joined right at the beginning and didn't get what all the kerfluffle was aboutt, but then knitters around me kept whispering, "ravelry ravelry RAVELRY!" until I went back and poked around. And now I am just as obsessed as they all are.

Knitters out there, my ID is "momogus" - add me to your friends list! If you haven't joined, sign up and and get in the queue! It is so interesting to see what other people are doing. And the Stash feature! And the projects! And the unbelievably amazing knitters out there - mind-boggling. If there were a Nobel Prize for knitters, it should go to the gals who thought all this up.

Organizing my knitting online led to organizing my knitting chez MM. I made my way to the dark corner of the basement where old projects and stashed yarns go to hibernate and ruthlessly went through everything. Some yarn will go on ebay, most stayed put, many projects got purged.

This was the Half Pi Shawl, worked in excellent mustardy yarn from

It was supposed to be my mindless knitting project, but it turned out to be just too mindless. I love the color and feel of the yarn though, so I bound it off and will agressively block the piece and see if it will make a little scarf. If it's too small, in the trash it goes.

This is the Wing O The Moth Shawl in Douceur et Soie.

I started this earlier this winter, I think, and put it away to concentrate on Momogus Knits. It is a beeee-you-tiful pattern and the yarn is heaven, so I think I will pick this up again once I've finished a couple of Christmas presents.

I'm not knitting many presents this year, but I do want to make mohair mittens for both of Gus's teachers. This is Mary's favorite project - if you come in the store and ask her advice for a present/mittens/mohair/something warm, these will always come up. They're very quick and easy to make, and there really is nothing warmer. I only wear mine maybe three or four times a winter, but when that bone-chilling day comes, I'm so glad I have them.

Blue/Grey variegated Fusion mohair for one teacher and dark red LaGran Mohair for the other:

Here's where I am in the Cabled Vest:

About 5" from armhole shaping. I was working feverishly on this vest and then checked the calendar and realized I'm not teaching this class until March, so I can ease up a little.

I picked this project up from the basement.

This is the Juror sweater from Yarn Girls Guide to Big Kids' Sweaters, which is an awesome book for knitters with older (over 6) kids, especially boys. There are about 5 sweaters in here I'd make for Gus. And that's saying something.

Green Rowan Felted Tweed (doubled) and red Lana Grossa Royal Tweed. I'm working up the fronts, then sleeves, then a little finishing (including the dreaded sewn-in zipper) and done.