Monday, January 21, 2008

I finished "The Corrections" yesterday. I wouldn't say that it was the most pleasant book I've ever read (and I put a high price on pleasant), but I'm glad I read it. The characters seemed despicable at first, but Franzen made them much more believable and sympathetic by the end. I cared what happened to them. I have to admit it was kind of a tour de force to weave all the stories together so well. So anyway, that was my venture into literature. I'm going to re-read Harry Potter #7 now, since I read it so fast when it came out I didn't properly let it sink in. Somebody asked me a question about it at the store the other day, and I couldn't remember anything about it except the ending.

Okay, so I couldn't stand it any longer. I started my first Selbuvotter mitten. This is NHM [Nordic History Museum] #3.

It doesn't show up that well in the picture, but it's a pretty, leafy pattern. I am doing it in pink and brown KnitPicks Palette on #2 needles. I reversed the light/dark chart because I don't like a light mitten. I also omitted the sporty stripes on the cuff because, well, I didn't like them. It is heavenly to knit, watching the pattern grow, moving my fussy little post-it note every 64 stitches.

I was speculating today whether it's a seasonal thing - I seem to like to do nutso-complicated, concentrating-heavy projects when it's really cold out, and no-brainer stuff when it's warmer out. I guess that makes sense - does anyone else out there have the same experience?

Our trip to Long Island, which was put on hold because of some family health issues, seems to be back on. Cross yer fingers. Imagine how many mittens I could get done......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

must you make me jealous with your selbuvotter? i didn't like the knucks made out of the silk garden lite. i pull too hard for Noro. i remade them with jo sharp alpaca kid lustre but with a few adjustments. i put them up on my page of DONE! 2008.

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