Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oops - sorry for the dearth of posts.

Let's see, what's new....I finished two Fake Isle Hats while on vacation:

Kureyon and Wool of the Andes. It turned out too big. I might felt it a smidgeon and see if it fits better.

2nd Try. I bought new yarn at Purl by the Sea in Montauk. Lang Mille Color and some plain merino from Berroco. It turned out better, but a smidgeon too small.

I'll have to try another one eventually. It was a very enjoyable pattern, though I amended it a lot. I highly recommend.

And now, an object lesson in why it's important to patronize (in person!) your favorite local yarn store. Behold! Inspired by Jen's gorgeous Landscape Shawl, I cast on one for myself in Kureyon sock yarn in the ickiest colorway ever made. This was ordered online, so I didn't see that it was so tremendously icky:

Bleh and double bleh! I finally faced reality when I saw the next two colors coming - grey and bright turquoise. I gave up and threw the whole ding-dang ball away. If it were the usual beauteous colors of Kureyon it would have been another matter, but knitting a scratchy, weak, thick and thin single-ply in horrible colors is no way to spend my time! The Landscape Shawl fever still has me in its grips, but I'll find another yarn. It was great starting another one - I'd forgotten how much I adore that pattern.

I've spent the rest of my knitting time working on the Tangled Yoke Cardigan.  I've finished what was called for in the pattern for the body, but I think I'm going to add a couple more inches to the length. I also finished one sleeve. Contrary to every other sleeve experience I've ever had, knitting this sleeve was FUN! Why? I don't know! It just was! I guess maybe because after all those 250-stitch rows on the body, it was fun to only work on 70 stitches. Also, the Felted Tweed is such a dreamy yarn. O Felted Tweed, how I loveth you so much it's not funny.

I finished "Master and Commander" and have started Book 2 - "Post Captain". Perhaps by the end of the 15 or so more books I will know the difference between a mainsail and a topgallant, but for now I gently elide over that stuff.


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