Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So here's what's new around here:

1. Hello!

Is it a desperate blogging tactic to post pictures of appliances? This was pretty earthshaking stuff around here. Our old refrigerator was 35 years old - it was Harvest Gold. The model name was, I kid you not, FOOD-A-RAMA!!!! Yippeee! Despite its groovy name, it had some unfortunate characteristics that I won't spoil your breakfast with. So for Matthew's birthday I gathered up my pennies, hiked on over to Gerhard's and purchased this big beauty. It was quite an endeavor to get it in. To get the old behemoth out, the two delivery guys had to take its doors off and also remove our back door! The Food-A-Rama must have weighed 1800 pounds, but the guys remained cheerful and funny throughout. This new fridge makes ice (what? when did they invent that??) and has ice and water on the door. We are speechless at the luxury of it all. I figured if we're only going to get a new fridge once every 35 years, we might as well go all out.

2. While poking around Ravelry the other day (which is what I do with about 85% of my spare time), I saw that dear Stuntmother had queued The Inga Hat. I was so knocked over by its mighty beauty that I immediately cast on and knit it all Monday and yesterday (Gus had off so I had some leisure time while we lolled around and watched tv). Here it is:

It's a pretty gorgeous pattern, but this hat (knit to gauge, folks!!) was HUGE. Even on my gigantic noggin, it came down to my nose. I've seen modifications, but they entail losing half of the pattern. I'd dearly love to make it again, but I'll have to knock it down to fingering weight.

3. I am halfway through "Post Captain". Unlike "Master and Commander" a lot of this book takes place on land and concerns Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin jockeying for the affections of the same woman. Bonus! I thought it would all be quarterdecks and topgallants, so this excursion into Jane Austen territory is quite pleasing. Dad has already dropped off his copy of Book 3, so I am set.

4. The Phillies are happily ensconced in Clearwater. How dreamy to read all the articles and see all the baseball news stories. What a nice time of year.......sigh......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhhhh, I LOVE your refrigerator! Its beautiful and not beauTEEEful! I so want an ice maker! I'd marry your fridge if I could!!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there now a large indentation in your backyard, made by the Gerhards guys taking your Food-O-Rama away? Will you post another picture of the new fridge once it has all its photos and magnets and all on it? Anyway, congratulations! I hope it keeps everything cold for you all.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was like that with the calorimetry for me. I knit it up in the manos silk and used size 5's instead of that worsted business. Much better. That pattern is made for the bingo-type of yarn. And what's wrong with spending 85% of your time on ravelry? I find that to be an excellent time to find new things to knit. Btw, I'm itching to fair isle as well. There's a vest from Rowan I wanna do. Details will come later muahhhh haaa haaaaaa haaaa!

7:54 AM  
Blogger diana said...

CG - I honestly would love it if you would come and marry my refrigerator. As long as you left him here.

GG - The magnets are back up. I will post a picture.

JJP - Ooh - I saw the Manos Silk the other day - yumMEE. Fair Isle rocks - and the more you do it, the easier it gets. I never would have knocked off that hat a couple of years ago.

4:02 PM  
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