Monday, May 26, 2008

Felting Frenzy!!!

I felted three things yesterday. First, Knitting Basket by Lucia Tedesco (Ravelry pattern). Lamb's Pride Worsted (more stash-busting!!)

The handles kind of wonkily curved in on themselves and felted together, which is not horrible but not quite as cool looking as in the pattern picture. I dried it with a plate on the bottom to shape it. I give this project a B+.

The second project I felted was my first try for the Fake Isle Hat. I used Noro and followed the pattern pretty much without modification. It came out way too big, even for my giant Welsh blockhead. I was going to felt it a little so that it would fit me, but then I decided I would felt it a lot and make it a bowl. So I did.

Before, big old hat:

After, little good bowl!:

My last felting project is something I want to teach as a class at the Tangled Web. Hold on to your britches!! Voila!!! Hedgehoggy Goodness!!!

I brought this into the store and we tested customers on it. If they screamed with delight and had an anyeurism (the proper reaction) we would move on to something else. If they were lukewarm, we would declare (in private) that they must be dead inside not to appreciate its incredibly high level of cuteosity.

This was a Fiber Trends pattern (I've also made the Koala and Eddie Roosevelt, which was Gus's Christmas present); I love their one-piecey fussiness. More Lamb's Pride Worsted, more stash-busting.

Happy Memorial Day, all! Drive safe and eat a lot of Rice Krispie treats!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that Nutz sleeping in the basket? He doesn't seem much impressed by your felting bonanza.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should send the photo of that little guy to cuteoverload!

8:15 AM  

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