Sunday, June 01, 2008

From ESPN's website (from a story about the top legends in baseball):

"This is a college baseball story, but about a current major leaguer, so hopefully it qualifies. I remember watching Pat Burrell, who had already clubbed two homers for Miami against the J.D. Drew-led Seminoles. His next time up, the pitcher threw a fastball right at him. But instead of diving away, Burrell took his hand off the bat and caught the ball with his bare hand. He threw it to the ground in disgust, stared down the pitcher (who probably soiled himself), then went on to hit another home run later for good measure."
--JT (Miami)

Oh my friend, Pat, how I hope that story is true.

The Phillies have been tearing up their poor opponents recently. I think they've scored something like 42 runs in their last 3 games. Moyer's been getting like 12 runs of support every time he pitches. Good times..... good times.....

On a more mundane note, I went to the optometrist yesterday to pick up my new glasses and contact lenses. The glasses now have bifocals in them (I'M OLD!!!!). The doctor said to wear them and the new contacts as much as possible to get used to them because "it will look like the floor is falling away from you." Huh. I must have looked a little alarmed because he said, reassuringly, "It will only take a couple of weeks to get used to them." Huh. Okay, but of course by then I will be in multiple casts from all the broken bones I've incurred while trying to compensate for the floor falling away from me.


Blogger CurlyGirl said...

Wow, that's a GREAT Pat Burrell story! I hope its true!

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, how do you think your eyeglasses story makes ME feel?

12:37 PM  

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