Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sorry, everybody - I sort of dropped off the face of the earth, blogwise. But I've been busy! Gus and I visited Aunt Laura in Baltimore last week for her birthday and saw the mighty Aquarium, among other things. The rays were wicked cool:

I painted the foundation of our house twice - and it's still not the right color! I also painted the trim and this made me realize how shabby the rest of the house looks, so I think I'll just have to paint the whole ding-dang house now. But no worries - there are few things that make me happier than a big painting project.

I have been knitting up mad Momogus Knits samples for myself and for some new stores that have joined the Momogus Knits empire, such as it is. We're in Michigan now! Here is Momogus Knits Easy Baby Cardigan and Easy Baby Cap. Rowan Cashsoft DK, with single-crocheted red edging. I love red and grey together:

I made a cherry pie (my first!) from sour cherries from our CSA (the wonderful Herrcastle Farm - plug, plug). It was DIVINE, if I do say so myself.

In sad news, I am on Book 19 of the Patrick O'Brian Aubrey-Maturin series. There is only one more, plus Book 21 which is unfinished! Gulp. I console myself that once I finish the whole shebang I can start over again with Book 1. Plus there are all sorts of auxiliary books about the series, so I can work through those. And then I guess I'll just have to go back to school so I can major in British naval history. I'm not kidding.

I can't remember a book or books that have gripped me like these. The other day Matthew was putting up the umbrella in our new patio table. It was a little dicey because it was so awkward and I said, sympathetically and I thought helpfully, "It's just like stepping a new mast on a frigate." I got a blank look from him and thought to myself, "If Jack Aubrey were here, HE would agree with me!"

Okay, so we all cast 2 million votes for my friend Pat Burrell, but he came in third. Stupid hard-playing Corey Hart and David Wright got named instead. Hrmph. Oh well, All-Star Game tonight. Get your pizza ready. I hope Hamilton's got some power left to get the NL over the AL for the first time in Gus's life*. That was some display of spooky power last night. After the first heartwarming moments I got very worried about the 71-yr-old coach pitching to him. His arm probably fell off today. Anyway, good stuff.


*Umm....I must have had a momentary brain anyeurism. If Hamilton (who plays for the Rangers) leads the NL over the AL, something has gone very very wrong....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Chase did OK, with 1-for-3 and fielding well. But he really looked good when Dan Uggla (Ugly?) replaced him. 0-for-4, with three strikeouts and a double play ball, plus three errors in the field. (That must be an All-Star game record.) Too bad that Brad Lidge picked up the loss (two and a half innings after I went to bed), but by that time I'll bet everybody on both teams was glad to see it end. After all, how many of those guys are going to get the home field advantage in the World Series?
J.D. Drew was a bummer, though.
And how about the totally classless Yankee fans. And the pregame show (and even part of the game itself) I thought Fox was going to dig up the cadaver of Jacob Ruppert and parade it around the field. So it was Yankee Stadium, but enough is enough!
Not that I felt strongly about all that, though.

8:33 PM  
Blogger diana said...

gg - oh your bilious comments made me laugh out loud!!! "the cadaver of Jacob Ruppert" indeed! Yeah, I thought it was a little much how they trotted out Steinbrenner like he was God Almighty. Or Ted Williams. I liked the rest of the pre-game stuff though - good to see Lefty and Schmidt and Roberts. Plus Rollie Fingers (with his mustache intact) and Rod Carew and Brooks Robinson and all my 1970s heroes.

9:56 PM  
Blogger CurlyGirl said...

Those were pretty cool rays!

And your pie looks delicious!

7:44 AM  

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