Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was tagged by Kel to answer a meme about 7 facts about me. Kel's facts were hilarious and interesting (#1 made me laugh until I cried it was so inexplicable). Mine are nowhere near so intriguing, but here goes:

1. I was born left-handed, but was "broken" of it when I was in grade school. I think this somehow is the reason I broke 5 bones before I was 11. (Because it can't be because I'm just a dork.) I can throw a frisbee left-handed and play badminton left-handed, but that's all that's left. Get it? That's all that's left??

2. Fifteen  years ago I sat on a jury for a first-degree murder case, with death-penalty deliberation and everything. It was awful, but awe-inspiring too. To this day I remember the names and faces of everyone involved. I'm a big believer in jury duty, though I was told each time that I was summoned that I wouldn't be picked because lawyers avoid jurors who seem smart. And then I was picked both times. Huh.

3. My youngest sister Sarah and I have birthdays 8 days apart and so ALWAYS had the dreaded joint family birthday party. We swore we would never do that to our kids, then our 3  kids ended up having birthdays on February 28, March 1 and March 2. (All the credit for this goes to my sister because I had Gus first on March 2, then 2 years later she had her son on March 1 and then 3 years after that her daughter on February 28, which is pretty talented!) And now of course they always get the joint family birthday party too. 

4. In January of 1995 my sister Laura and I drove across the country to get her to a job in Los Angeles. In December we drove back. They were the two mightiest, funniest, most life-changing trips I've ever taken. Everything I am or have done since then stems directly from things that happened on those trips.

5. I've been to 46 of the 48 contiguous United States. I somehow have to arrange a trip to Oregon and Idaho someday. They're next to each other, so it would be easy!

6.  Foods I love - salt and vinegar potato chips, yellow cake with chocolate icing, Rangpur Gin [gin is a food, right?], Tastykakes of all ilks, Hamburger Helper in all iterations, blue (or bleu) cheese in any form on anything, the eggnog latte from Starbucks that you can only get this time of year (I drink them like a crazy person for a month and then never set foot in Starbucks until the next holiday season), a nice juicy rare steak, a nice cold American light beer, rutabagas (or any root vegetable), most Indian food, champagne. Foods I do not like so much or at all: fast food (I used to love, but now I get nauseated at the thought of it), olives, mayonnaise (EWWWWWW!!!!!), most lunchmeat, eggplant.

7. My son's middle name is Clearwater - because he was born on the first day of Phillies' spring training. 

So there you are, some elucidating information about me on this snowy December afternoon. Now I tag Laura and BethJen, Anj, Jamar, Beige, Suzanne.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, I don't get the "left" joke.

What? Oh.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Twice Knit said...

Hey! I'm from Oregon. There's no other place I'd rather be. For pointers about the best places to go and the best times to go, just ask me.

4:46 PM  

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