Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm a blog slacker! Sorry, folks! I think because Thanksgiving was so late this year, December and all the holiday madness snuck up on me and got me all kerfluffled.

Just a quick post today - I'm inspired by the fact that the Phillies are picking up fellow University of Pennsylvania alumnus Mark DeRosa (C '96).

Not since Doug Glanville (C '93) wandered the outfield of the Vet have I felt such a surge of Phillies-related school spirit.

Yes, it's Winter Meetings madness. Mets picked up K-Rod. Whatever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all due respect for your Red-and-Blue spirit, I think giving up J.A. Happ for Mark DeRosa is a bad idea. DeRosa is just a journeyman ballplayer, and Happ could wind up as something special. That's my take on this proposed deal, and don't forget I went to law school there.

10:56 AM  

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