Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dinner last night, care of Stuart's Seafood Market in Amagansett, the most heavenly lobster bisque you could ever imagine:

All gone!!

At Stuart's we also saw an 11-pound lobster in a tank, which I lobbied Matthew to buy and set free, but at $11.99 a pound he demurred.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seal-y goodness (Montauk Point):
Take my word for it - those are seals.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ahhhh......... Not quite the easternmost point of the United States, but close. Definitely the easternmost point of New York anyway...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Tomorrow we're off on our annual pilgrimage to the easternmost point of America. Here:
Our thrice-daily [yes, I used thrice] walks on the completely-deserted gorgeous beach are my favorite part of our time in Amagansett. The three of us get bundled up (it's COLD!!), walk the block to the beach, and then each meander along at our own pace, taking pictures, looking for sea glass and interesting shells and interesting stuff that's washed up.

There will also be a heaping helping of this:
Greatest. Restaurant. On. Planet.

As for knitting, my tendinitis is sort of flaring up. I haven't knit for 3 days (world record!!) and probably will have to forego on the long drive up (prime knitting time for something boring and necessary like sleeves), but I think I'll be able to get some knitting in. 

Here's what I am completely and madly obsessed with (Cue heavenly choir of angels!!!):

These are the Almeara Gloves by wonderful Jared Flood from the most recent Vogue Knitting. I cannot even make direct eye contact with this picture because of its cable-y, gorgeous-y, perfect-y awesomeness!!! There is some pink Felted Tweed at the store that will come home with me tonight and (I hope) this week will become these mighty gloves. I have some other projects I'd like to work on, but I don't want to taunt the Knitting/Tendinitis Gods (they're vengeful!!).

Finally, please go here and read my friend Lucia's post about the Inauguration. If you knew this lady and didn't already want to give her the biggest hug ever given, this touching post would convince you.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That day is finally here. Go America.

Friday, January 16, 2009

With slightly chillier weather in store, I promised Gus I would make him a pair of Pop-Up Paws (fingerless gloves with a mitten top flap). This allowed me to make a tiny dent in the mountain of my beloved 1824 Wool that lives in the basement. Please note these were made with a thumb-flap, which is all the rage these days amongst the young folks for texting. Gus does not text, but he will receive admiring glances from the Upper Schoolers. It was a close thing - I was furiously knitting fingers at basketball practice last night - but I finished! And was able to send him off into the COLD world this morning with proper mittens.

Here is the silliest thing I've knit lately (or probably ever):

It's a cream-filled donut. I made it for Matthew, who loves donuts, but there is donut love on my side of the family as well (Dad) (and Gus)(oh all right, and me), so it could have been given to many people. Matthew was a little bemused as to what it actually does. Which is nothing. Except make me laugh.

I finished this as well:

Selbu Modern Beret by Kate Gagnon. Truly beautiful pattern. I made it out of Rowan 4-Ply Soft, which is dreamy to work with. This was to go with my single Selbuvotter glove, but after I finished it I tried it on and it looked goofy. It still needs to be blocked, but I don't have high hopes for it. It's a pretty beautiful object though.

I finished another Fiber Trends felted animal. This little bear:

He turned out cute, but this was my least favorite knit. The other FT animals end up knit in one piece, but this guy was knit in a front and a back and then sewed together. No thanks.

In case I get blog-slacky and don't post in the next few days, Go Eagles!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick post - Go Eagles!!

I'm sort of ambivalent about the Eagles - do I want them to keep going and beat the Cardinals and go to the Super Bowl and win the whole enchilada? Yes, of course. But part of me doesn't want them to win because it will take away from my beloved Phillies win. Or will it just enhance it? I don't know, but I'm not 100% in either direction.

One thing I do know is that McNabb's sidelines phone call yesterday made me LAUGH OUT LOUD. It was so horribly cocky and unlike him, I kind of loved him for it. Of course I am the person who loved T.O. for pulling a Sharpie out of his sock to autograph the football after he scored a touchdown. I thought that was hilarious and genius, though more rational minds around me (Matthew) thought it was stupid. I'm not indiscrimately for showboating - I would have cut DeSean Jackson after he taunted Brad Childress last week - I hated that, but I am not a big Jackson fan, no matter how talented he is. But McNabb's making that phone call just made me laugh, it was so silly. I also like that he said later that he didn't talk to anyone.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

I don't want to end 2008 with my sourpuss post on whinybaby DM, so here are some highlights of the year for me....

First, in baseball...

This, of course:
Way to go, glorious Phillies and Charlie Manuel, who will never be able to pick up a check in this town for the rest of his life, at least if I'm anywhere near.

In slightly-less-exalted stature, there were they mighty GYAC Cork Tavern Red Sox (or "Cork Sox", as we called them), who won their first game and then lost all the rest, but were good sports to the end. One of Gus's coaches said he batted like Gary Matthews, which Matthew and I loved.

(I love his beautiful batting stance and his slightly-smirky expression)

In knitting, there was this triumphant moment:
The moment every knitting mom waits breathlessly for, when her kid asks to learn how to knit. Gus picked it up instantly, chose a striped scarf (which is not easy for a beginner), finished it and then never brought it up again. Which is okay. I got this moment.

This was probably the crowning achievement of my knitting life this year.
Annemor #17 from the oh-so-mighty Selbuvotter Norwegian gloves and mittens book. This was the first glove I ever knit - way to raise the bar, Diana! As it stands now, however, this is the only glove I've ever knit. This one took so much out of me I have yet to make the second one. But I will. I love how it turned out and it fits like a....well.....glove.

In knitting business, this pattern,

born of Mary's being asked for a flap hat pattern for the 10 millionth time and not having any, and then her demanding that I go home and knock out a pattern in 3 days, was the hottest Momogus Knits seller by far. I've sold more of these in a month than almost any other pattern during the 3 years I've been selling.

In general happenings chez Momogus, this was one of my happiest moments of 2008:

And also when this arrived:

O mighty fridge, made 35 years after the one you replaced, how we love you!!!

In our glamorous globetrotting lives, the MM clan made our annual pilgrimages to Amagansett (sigh) and Vermont:

The glorious beach at Amagansett, a block from our house, where we walked every day.

Wonderful Symes Pond, in the gorgeous and new-for-us Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

We also threw in Wheeling, West Virginia this year and Columbus, Ohio (don't be too jealous!!):

All in all, an awesome year. I hope 2009 is just as great!

(ps I'm waiting for McNabb's post-game press conference to start. I wonder what he'll say this week, after the Eagles won again. Hrmph....)
FINALLY!!! Blogger hasn't let me post in DAYS!!!! I thought I was going to bust at the seams with all the really important knitting and baseball and McNabb thoughts I wanted to share with you.

Stay tuned!!!